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Drawings and Sketches Updated constantly.

The Land of Darkness
Who is king?

Rorac's Stupid Axe
 Rorac's Stupid Axe

 Alpacas multimedia experience into the void
The Lemons
Third Mario brother?
 March of the Straw Men
 Something short
Minotaur Trilogy
 Part 1 turtles
 Part 2 minotaurs (lame)
 Part 3 minotaurs
Pepsi Anthology
 Part 1 Pepsi vs Coke
 Part 2 Nazi/Coke tie in
 Part 3 the dust settles
 Part 4 (*new!*) pepsi is so great
Terminator Eels
 the eels
Movie Reviews
Space Madness
 Space Madness

by eric drewes
 The Everything I don't know
 Adunai Trail to Terrapin a journey told through short stories.
 One Bullet a western story
 Nihilism, Infinite Sadness, and the Last Laugh the tail of Edun.
 Ghandi the tale of Ghandi coming to New York
 Twang, the tale of gods love and hate some nonsense..
 March of the Storm Giants man and giant against God
 Checkmate the tale of a chess game between god and thor
 Orion mankind finds an ancient ship of unknown origin.
 Of wine and lonely nights a tale of daisy and the mad bumbler
 The legend of the fairy i hate this story
 Spock's revenge i like this one but no one else does
 Tortoise and the Hare: a re-write good idea, bad execution/
 Requiem My tongue-in-cheek sequel to my least favorite movie

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 gay marriage
 spell jammin ram
 Universal Healthcare
 Space moose!
 webpage about the movie Gummo
 rewrite of video killed the radio star
 little eric's webpage about santa
 adunai action figures
 shaolin master Mu Tzu
 Monkey island wisdom
 i'm a reverend
 failed attempt at something
 essay i wrote after columbine

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