Gummo is the entirely pointless movie based on the backwoods life in Ohio.

Because this is the kid who is on the cover, I assumed his name was Gummo, but i really don't know.
He kills cats and sells them to a black guy for 1 dollar a pound.  The black guy used to sell them to the local chinese food restaurante, but the chinese guy died, so i don't know what he does with the cats now.

This kid is the bunny boy.  He walks around with that bunny hat thing on it.  He went into a junk yard and two kids dressed like cowboys shot him because they hate rabbits.  He pretended to be dead, and i never saw him get up.

In this scene, the two girls lost their cat and were trying to find it, they used flyer's.  This guy claimed to know where it was, and then proceded to try to molest them.  They beat him up with girlie slaps then got out of the car.  His justification, which he repeated over and over to them was "it's nothing new for trash like you".  I don't know what to say to that, except the sisters were pretty cool, and that guy pretty much sucked.

Gummo and his friend used the money they made killing cats to buy a fat prostitute.
Considering Gummo is like, 9 or 12 or soemthing, i don't really understand the point.

this is a touching scene between a depressed teenager and a gay midgit.  I thought the midgit was retarded but evidently he just looked that way.  Later in the movie, he arm wrestled a big guy and one.  The big guy got pissed off and broke a table.

This is an albino girl, she danced around way too much and had no real part in the movie.

some gay kid (showed above) killed cats, which meant competition for them.  They went to his house and killed his grandma.  It's not at bad as it sounds because the grandma was in a coma and on a recpirator and stuff.  They shot her in the foot to see if she could feel it with a bb gun.

this movie ended with a retarded girl singing about Jesus.  Now let us never speak of Gummo again.