Congratulations!  Your request for ordination has been approved, and you
are now a legally ordained minister of the Universal Life Church
International, Modesto, California.    Please record your date of
ordination for your records, as you will need this information to fill out
the various forms of the clergy.


As a minister, you are authorized by the church to perform the rites and
ceremonies of the church (except circumcision), including weddings,
funerals, baptisms and blessings, subject to the laws of your country,
state, or locality.
As a minister, you are entitled to all privileges and courtesies normally
offered to members of the clergy.

Your commitment is to always do the right thing.  It is your responsibility
to sincerely determine the right course of action, and to avoid infringing
on the rights of others or breaking the law.

You are responsible for your own acts and actions as a minister.

It is not a piece of paper which makes you a minister, however many people
wish to have a certificate, ID card, or other record of their status as a
minister.   Such items are particularly useful to those who wish to perform
marriages.  It can serve to reassure the bride and groom (or their
parents!) of the legality of the marriage.   Some ministers also like to
provide the couple with a Universal Life Church Marriage Certificate for
them to include in their wedding keepsakes.  Some states require the
minister to provide the couple and/or the governmental authority with a
marriage certificate.