Kimmy: We're all in the same boat....we're all just trying to learn.
Kimmy: yeah, we're gonna fuck up....but you're asking for perfection and perfection is not possible.
Kimmy: Ever.
GaijinSenshi: i know that
Kimmy: Art will never be perfect. People will never be perfect. Music can never be perfect....
Kimmy: it can be close, but never 100%
GaijinSenshi: here's a quote for you
Kimmy: lol so stop thinking the world is horrible because we're not 100% good.
GaijinSenshi: "there are no perfect people, just perfect moments with imperfect people" - someone
Kimmy: there's gotta be some bad....
Kimmy: am I going to laugh at this?
Kimmy: I've heard that before
GaijinSenshi: i don;t mean the world is a horrible all the time, its just how i felt at the moment
Kimmy: lol but then again I hear all of this nihilist talk.....
Kimmy: People are not evil, we're just born without a set of instructions.
GaijinSenshi: nihilism is this: nothing can be proven with certainty
GaijinSenshi: i dont believe in anythign..
Kimmy: you have absolutely no faith?
GaijinSenshi: correct
Kimmy: in ANYthing?
GaijinSenshi: in anything.
Kimmy: That's a sad place to be.
GaijinSenshi: faith is assumption
Kimmy: Why do you care if things are proven to you?
Kimmy: Yes, it is.
Kimmy: Why must things be proven beyond doubt?
Kimmy: So what, you might believe something that's wrong.
GaijinSenshi: for me to believe in them, they have to be proven
GaijinSenshi: nothing is proveable
GaijinSenshi: i don't believe in anything
GaijinSenshi: see, its logical
GaijinSenshi: :-)
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: lmao why must you be right?
Kimmy: Like I said, just be.
GaijinSenshi: i am
GaijinSenshi: i am a nihilist
Kimmy: Here's a quote for you....from the movie "ride with the devil"
GaijinSenshi: :-)
Kimmy: "It's not right and it's not wrong, it just is"
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: .........
GaijinSenshi: here's a quote from the mad bumbler and daisy:
Kimmy: you are a person who doesn't believe anything
Kimmy: lmfao
Kimmy: I <3 you, man
GaijinSenshi: "i just want to know, for once and for all, if we are bad men or good men." said daisy
"we're just men" bumbler said, laughing.
GaijinSenshi: hmm
Kimmy: lol so why not believe in something?
GaijinSenshi: cause i can't
Kimmy: what's it going to hurt?
Kimmy: time out
GaijinSenshi: i've tried
GaijinSenshi: :P
Kimmy: Well you seem to believe in imperfection.
Kimmy: you believe in that.
GaijinSenshi: amaibia
GaijinSenshi: (as much as i believe in anything)
Kimmy: lmao you stink
Kimmy: I have to go do dishes, I'll be right back
GaijinSenshi: okay
Kimmy: You know what? You piss me off. Those dishes EXIST.
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: maybe :P
Kimmy: lmfao whether or not they're actual matter or just electronic impulses
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: how about emotion
Kimmy: do you believe in emotion?
GaijinSenshi: Kimmy: lmfao whether or not they're actual matter or just electronic impulses
GaijinSenshi: i agree
GaijinSenshi: hmm
Kimmy: lol uh oh, he's thinking
GaijinSenshi: seriously, theres nothing to debate here, i see your points and agree with them.  obviously, in order to function i go along with these asumptions
GaijinSenshi: that things exist, people exist, ect.
GaijinSenshi: but
Kimmy: hehe.
Kimmy: but?
Kimmy: I'm waiting for this "but"
GaijinSenshi: when it actually comes down to it, i don't really believe in them, because they might not exist
GaijinSenshi: i don't go around saying
GaijinSenshi: i'm not gonna drink this
GaijinSenshi: because it doesn't exist
GaijinSenshi: i drink it, it satisfies me
GaijinSenshi: but doesn't it exist for absolute certainty? i dunno.
Kimmy: lmfao
GaijinSenshi: like this
Kimmy: "I will not drink this! It does not exist!"
GaijinSenshi: in the cosmic scheme of things
Kimmy: Well my question for you is...
Kimmy: WHOA Deja VU
Kimmy: WHOA that was freaky lol
Kimmy: now I forgot my question for you
Kimmy: oh yes, there it was...
GaijinSenshi: my coat, compared to the infinite size of the cosmos, the billions of people in the nothing, it is less then a speck of dust on a speck of dust, so cosmically, really, it has no meaning
GaijinSenshi: but at least it keeps me warm.
Kimmy: If things do not exist....then what is there? lol like...what's faking it if we're not really here.
Kimmy: Oh, I kinda believe we're all part of the universe.
Kimmy: The universe is alive.
Kimmy: it just is constantly in motion
Kimmy: constantly changing
GaijinSenshi: ok
Kimmy: rearranging itself
Kimmy: creating systems that work together
GaijinSenshi: did i paste you my PROFILE? :-)
Kimmy: That's what I believe in, motion.
GaijinSenshi: you're a motionist :-)
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: but then you could go into physics shit and be like "motion is relative"
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: mmmm
Kimmy: I think so
Kimmy: with the last part
GaijinSenshi: i think everyhting is relative
Kimmy: about you being Gwen
GaijinSenshi: i think therefore i am
GaijinSenshi: i exist :-)
Kimmy: and Daphny being Moby....
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: so nothings really happening.
GaijinSenshi: here's what i can PROVE
GaijinSenshi: (i exist) i think therefore i am
Kimmy: if you were to NOT take an absolute position....things would not be moving.
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: We are all frozen.
Kimmy: hehe
Kimmy: You will never escape MWAHAHA
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: lmao wow, that really scared you, didn't it?
GaijinSenshi: (i percieve a reality) regardless of whether it is a figment of my imagination, if it is an illusion, if anything is putting somehitng into my perception, i percieve it
GaijinSenshi: :P
GaijinSenshi: there ya go
Kimmy: Even if you don't truly exist HERE
Kimmy: you exist SOMEWHERE
Kimmy: So you don't believe what you see
Kimmy: but you are alive
GaijinSenshi: i didn't say i didn't exist here
GaijinSenshi: i just said there was no way to know for sure
Kimmy: BUT
Kimmy: Believe
Kimmy: that you exist
Kimmy: You believe that, right?
GaijinSenshi: i think therefore i am
GaijinSenshi: i kinda believe it
GaijinSenshi: it's iffy
GaijinSenshi: but sure, why not
Kimmy: lmao
Kimmy: So you DO exist...something....tangible of you
Kimmy: or maybe intangible...
Kimmy: exists somewhere
Kimmy: Maybe not here.
Kimmy: But somewhere.
GaijinSenshi: i percieve things, its all in my head
Kimmy: lol this system of beliefs is backwardsssss
GaijinSenshi: why?
Kimmy: SOMETHING has to exist in order for us to be fooled into believing that other things exist.
GaijinSenshi: the overmind
Kimmy: Ok, that's what I was missing.
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: fine, i agree
Kimmy: nah, you're just frustrated.
GaijinSenshi: something besides my perception exists
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: no i agree
GaijinSenshi: i've never disagreed with that
Kimmy: Woohoo!
GaijinSenshi: but
Kimmy: Maybe the rest of it doesn't....
GaijinSenshi: there's no way to know for certain what it is
Kimmy: well, the one thing is a start :-)
GaijinSenshi: that one thing to me is god :-)
Kimmy: I'll continue to pound you for the rest of you existence until you believe in at least 12 things.
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: I don't know why there needs to be 12.
Kimmy: But 12 sounds good.
Kimmy: So far your "unsure god"....the ability to percieve.
Kimmy: those are two things that you believe in.
Kimmy: That you're an individual, do you believe in that?
GaijinSenshi: i dunno
GaijinSenshi: not really
GaijinSenshi: :P
Kimmy: not an indivudial as in what you are....
Kimmy: but your thought processes
Kimmy: are they those of one person.....
GaijinSenshi: i dunno
GaijinSenshi: i haven't thought about it
GaijinSenshi: :-)
GaijinSenshi: i think so, but maybe not
Kimmy: lol start thinkin', it might be number three.
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: We have two so far, ten to go.
GaijinSenshi: well, i think therefore i am kinda covers that "I' part
Kimmy: haha, here's where I'm gonna fuck you up.
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: its just be a corolary
Kimmy: what if your thinking is just part of a greater system....
Kimmy: lol
Kimmy: there, I contradicted everything I was trying to prove.
GaijinSenshi: yeah, but regardless, i exist
Kimmy: But still, it's gotta be real
GaijinSenshi: maybe
GaijinSenshi: i don't think my individuallity can be proven or disproven
Kimmy: lol ok, so that one's shot down
GaijinSenshi: pushing it over to the uncertain side with everyrthing else
GaijinSenshi: haha
Kimmy: no, no no
Kimmy: don't forget, you believe in your "god"
Kimmy: AND you believe in your ability to percieve
Kimmy: even if it is a jaded perception
GaijinSenshi: yeah
Kimmy: :-)
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: but i've always thought that
GaijinSenshi: :P
Kimmy: lmao doesn't matter, I got two out of 12
GaijinSenshi: ok
GaijinSenshi: :-)
GaijinSenshi: i think you should bring it down to 4-5
GaijinSenshi: 4 is a nice even number :-)
Kimmy: lmao nope, I want 12
Kimmy: 12 seems like a good number
GaijinSenshi: 3 would make more sense cause i am a strong believer in triangulation
Kimmy: I told you before, I'm stubborn and I don't give up easily.
Kimmy: Then believe in four triangles.
Kimmy: Ok?
Kimmy: Ok.
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: maybe its 3 with 4 collalary's each
GaijinSenshi: :-)
Kimmy: Now...
Kimmy: 12
GaijinSenshi: :P
Kimmy: lol it took me a year to get Mikey to call himself a pimp.
Kimmy: he finally did it.
Kimmy: One day.
Kimmy: Out of nowhere.
Kimmy: mwahaha.
Kimmy: Tolddddddjjjjjaaaaa I'm stubbornnnn
Kimmy: Only person who could ever beat me was Colin. lmao
GaijinSenshi: i don't believe in freewill either, but i don't want to get into it
Kimmy: because all of your decisions are controlled by something else...blah, blah, blah?
GaijinSenshi: i think its funny that all this nonsense in the world, all this depth/beauty/art/ect
GaijinSenshi: comes from the minds of some over-evolved apes
GaijinSenshi: haha
Kimmy: Don't underestimate apes :-)
Kimmy: I <3 Monkies.
Kimmy: I want one.
GaijinSenshi: you are one!!
Kimmy: ROFLMFAO!!!!
Kimmy: Why is it Colin told me the same thing.....
Kimmy: I hate you all
Kimmy: lol
GaijinSenshi: haha
Kimmy: All I ever wanted was a monkey
Kimmy: I didn't want to be called one
Kimmy: I didn't want to have issues about albino bats
Kimmy: I didn't want to hear stories about poo flinging
Kimmy: AND
GaijinSenshi: ROTFLOL
Kimmy: GO TO HELL!!!!
Kimmy: So fine, I'm a god damn monkey.