Little Eric's Webpage all about Santa

hi, im little eric and this is my webpage.  I love santa claus he brings me presents every year. <<
my mom tells me santa claus is not real, but i do not believe her because i know she wants me
to believe in this big magical man in the sky called God.  Santa doesnt like when people talk
about god, so i dont listen.  It gets me in trouble, but i don't care because santa loves me.

Here is santa drinking Coke, the drink of the gods.
he likes it with milk and cookies, i used to leave some out for him everynight, but my mom gets mad so now i just leave them on christmas.  my mom makes me mad.

My mom says santa claus is fake and god is real.  Why should I believe her? what does god ever do?  does he bring you presents? does he do anything?  Santa claus doesn't like god and either do i.

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