Shaolin Master Mu Tzu's Webpage 'O Wisdom

"There is something to be said of people whose morals comprise of only what they are told is right, and what they can get away with.  I do not trust a person whose "principles" are easily compromised by opportunity.  I fear those who only act in the name of good for lack of a more profitable option" - Mu Tzu

 "Stay in school and don't do drugs.  Do not kill spiders and insects.  Obliterate all that is evil and remember the adunai are your friends." - Mu Tzu when asked for a quote for a bookmark for a local elementary school's bookfair

"Go only through abstractions, what a person does, knows, owns, is unimportant, only their nature is important" - Mu Tzu

"by aligning yourself with truth you cannot be defeated" - Mu Tzu

"everything means something, but nothing means anything.  Thus reality maintains it's balance" - Mu Tzu

"I am not the man I am today by my own accord.  Thank the wise who helped me and the evil who oppressed me, because without those two things i would be a farmer growing rice" - Mu Tzu while sharpening his katana.

"Fear those who create more then those who merely seek to disrupt, for their ability to create gives them the passion to be more destructive then the most dark minded villian." - Mu Tzu while painting.

"Despite all our worries and all our fears, the universe is based in such away that given enough time, everything will work out for the best, and the beauty will shine once again through this pain and suffering that we are put through" - Mu Tzu

"Don't question why things are the way they are unless you're willing to deal with the less superficial issues involved.  Take things as they are, understand there are reasons behind why they are the way they are, and act accordingly." - Mu Tzu

"If someone is happy doing something harmless, do not disrupt them because it is not to your taste.  Then someday when you are doing something that makes you happy, no one will come and ruin it." - Mu Tzu while Gardening.

"Just because the truth comes from the mouth of a fool does not make it any less the truth.  Remember that" - Mu Tzu

"More are watching you then you think, my friend, for better or for worse." - Mu Tzu

"all conflict can be traced back to simple miscommunication." - Mu Tzu while eating rice

"if there is anything life has taught me, it is that no matter how tight a fit it may look, do not worry, it will stretch" - Mu Tzu refering obsequeticely to his finger.