GaijinSenshi: do yhou think gays should be able to marry
AllSubC: no
GaijinSenshi: why?
AllSubC: ok, work with me here...... how are marriages scantified?
GaijinSenshi: hmm?
AllSubC: sorry i cant spell
GaijinSenshi: sancified
GaijinSenshi: er
GaijinSenshi: sanctified
AllSubC: yeah
GaijinSenshi: in what sense?
AllSubC: thats it
AllSubC: well what is the purpose of marriage?
GaijinSenshi: to join a union between two people who are in love with one another
AllSubC: why is that union joined other than love....
GaijinSenshi: to raise children
AllSubC: yes
AllSubC: can a child be concieved with a gay couple?
GaijinSenshi: so what about impotent couples, that are infertile
GaijinSenshi: well
GaijinSenshi: through artificial insemination
GaijinSenshi: or adoption
AllSubC: they have science to cure that these days
AllSubC: it is IMPOSSIBLE for a man to get a man pregenant, or woman to get a woman pregenant
GaijinSenshi: well soon with cloning technology, homo's will be able to reproduce with the opposite genders
AllSubC: and most infertile couples just have small curable defects
AllSubC: umm not exactly.... one can reproduce but not two together
GaijinSenshi: well
GaijinSenshi: ya never know
GaijinSenshi: becuase they can genetically encode a sperm cell with the chromosomes from a woman
AllSubC: anyways the whole thing is that marriage for years upon years upon years has had to do with religion
AllSubC: well....
GaijinSenshi: so religion in it's close minded one way or nothing views of the world forces us to keep people apart who love each other
AllSubC: and there is no religion that supports homosexual marriages,  (except for democrats.....)
GaijinSenshi: why does religion get to dictate what the law and the people get to do
AllSubC: no religion is not close minded, just because im christian doesnt mean im going to hate all homosexuals
AllSubC: its black and white in our constitution
GaijinSenshi: well, if there are going to be homosexuals, and they are going to have sex, shouldn't they be entitled to the same things the rest of us are?>
AllSubC: first off they do not have sex.... sex involves a man entering a female's body
AllSubC: if you dont belive me look it up in the dictionary
GaijinSenshi: if they are going to use their genitals to have orgasms together (mr president)
GaijinSenshi: then what good is it going to be to stop gay marriages
AllSubC: just because some one uses their genitals to have orgasms doesnt mean their in love
GaijinSenshi: gay marriages happen all the time, they just aren't recognized by our state
GaijinSenshi: so you deny homosexuals can be in love?
AllSubC: ok sorry about that
GaijinSenshi: ?
AllSubC: i was talkin to someone else
AllSubC: sorry about the wait
GaijinSenshi: no worries
AllSubC: i'm not denyin the fact that homosexuals can be in love, cause love is falliable you know, in straight and homo relation ships
GaijinSenshi: right
AllSubC: ive thought i was inlove before.... but well that never has come out right
AllSubC: the main drive in sex is lust
GaijinSenshi: i just understand why if people are going to be in love, have sexual relationships, live together like they were married, raise kids like they are a heterosexual couple, why can't they be legally recognized by the state?
AllSubC: weither it be gays or nongays
AllSubC: because our state constitutions (&us) were based on religious beliefs, not out of hate or bigotry, back then gays were unheard of, yes there were gay men but they all had wives and children and practiced with other married men
GaijinSenshi: ok
GaijinSenshi: so
AllSubC: women were rarely gay, they were loyal to their husbands
GaijinSenshi: why can't we change the laws to fit the times
GaijinSenshi: we banned slavery
AllSubC: so it wasnt recognized then, it was known then
GaijinSenshi: we let women vote now
AllSubC: because our constitutions are still based on religion
AllSubC: that doesnt change
GaijinSenshi: religion says women are inferior
GaijinSenshi: most religions do
GaijinSenshi: do you believe that
GaijinSenshi: ?
AllSubC: all religions discourage ANY kind of lust full activity,
AllSubC: many religions discourage marriage at all, actually
AllSubC: most religions say that, but im not a part of most religions
GaijinSenshi: not "all" religions
GaijinSenshi: just most major religions
GaijinSenshi: of this time
AllSubC: chrisitany doesnt
GaijinSenshi: christianity says women were made for men
GaijinSenshi: and that they shouldn't wear clothes that are made for men
AllSubC: except for the stupid baptists, who refuse to let women be preachers cause of their own ideals, not the bibles
AllSubC: ohhh you dont now much about christianity do you?
GaijinSenshi: uhm
GaijinSenshi: my girlfriend is a penecostal born again, and i am friends with a lot of the people at her church, and have studied there often
GaijinSenshi: their preacher is a world famous one
AllSubC: the laws that say women are to stand behind men... not wear men's clothes also say not to shave your beard, cut your hair, or pierce you boday
AllSubC: i dont belive in many pentacostal idea
AllSubC: s
GaijinSenshi: whose to say which christian customs should be the ones our country follows
GaijinSenshi: if we're a christian based society
AllSubC: i went to a pentacostal church for a couple of years
GaijinSenshi: we should make it so women can't divorce there husbands
GaijinSenshi: and that gay people are percecuted, we should send them to camps where they can be cured of their problem
AllSubC: well wait those laws that i just mentioned, are jewish laws not christian laws, they are in the old testament,  and in the new testament a new set of rules came..
GaijinSenshi: so whose laws should we follow?
GaijinSenshi: penecostal? baptist? morman?
AllSubC: and thats another thing many "christians" persecute gays, thats NOT what christianity is about, its about love
GaijinSenshi: yeah, but god made gay people as a curse on earth
AllSubC: well the gay people i know, were not gay from birth, things in their lives happened to turn them off from the opposite sex and towards the same sex
AllSubC: **well with the gay people.....
AllSubC: left out a word...
GaijinSenshi: so, why don't you embrace the current culture of our society and show your love for everyone by allowing homosexuals to get married
GaijinSenshi: 99% of the gay people i know were gay from birth
AllSubC: loving doesnt mean accepting their lifestyles, it just means acceptin them
GaijinSenshi: christianity is no longer the defining force behind our government and our laws
AllSubC: uhh ok then, how many senators and governors are athiest
AllSubC: i can name one
GaijinSenshi: who cares if the polititions are christian?  the people of america are no longer a christian majority
AllSubC: the majority of people, citizens, representatives, dont support union of gays
GaijinSenshi: america is made for the people, its defined by liberty and freedom and we are oppressing people because of their sexual preference
AllSubC: tell me if christianity isnt a force then why do so many people refuse to elect an athiest to office?
GaijinSenshi: most germans in ww2 thought taking over the world was a good idea, does that make it right
GaijinSenshi: ?
AllSubC: their not being opressed they are freer than they are in almost any other country
GaijinSenshi: jesse ventura is an atheist
GaijinSenshi: er
GaijinSenshi: agnostic
AllSubC: yeah i know
GaijinSenshi: so what if they are more free than other countries
AllSubC: he didnt get pick cause of that... he got picked cause of popularity
GaijinSenshi: we are still limiting their freedom because of our bigoted laws
GaijinSenshi: and thats pretty much where it is
AllSubC: i hate to tell you but we still have a chritian majority
GaijinSenshi: heh...
AllSubC: marriage is scatified by religions
AllSubC: you are askin us to change our religon not our law
AllSubC: and you cant deny that
AllSubC: and we will not change our religion to please the main stream
GaijinSenshi: so
GaijinSenshi: you can think gay marriage is wrong
AllSubC: be cause thats what religion is about
GaijinSenshi: thats YOUR freedom
GaijinSenshi: you have the freedom to believe what you want
AllSubC: having your opinion and sticking to it
GaijinSenshi: but do you have the freedom to tell other people what they can and can not do because of your religion?
GaijinSenshi: you are acting like you believe that
AllSubC: listen you dont get the point
GaijinSenshi: yes i do
AllSubC: with out religion there is no scantification of marriage
AllSubC: letting homosexuals marry would not just change the law
GaijinSenshi: your point is, because there are a lot of religious people, and religion is against gays, gays shouldn't get married
GaijinSenshi: there are gay marriages all the time
GaijinSenshi: everyday
GaijinSenshi: gay people get married
GaijinSenshi: it's just not recognized by the state
AllSubC: it would chage christianity, judisam islamic and america is about religios freedom, and our right to our religion
GaijinSenshi: why?
GaijinSenshi: why would it make you change your religion to let gay people marry
AllSubC: uhh the 1st amendement
AllSubC: brings me back to the 1st question i asked you, how is marriage scanitfied, through religions
GaijinSenshi: just listen
GaijinSenshi: what about atheists
GaijinSenshi: who go to the court house
GaijinSenshi: and get married
GaijinSenshi: they are not sanctified by religion
GaijinSenshi: what about wiccans who believe anyone who is in love can get married
AllSubC: to allow gays to get married, you would have to allow gays to has access to chruches to be wed in, therefore changing religious beliefs
GaijinSenshi: and they sanctify marriages between homosexuals all the time
GaijinSenshi: like i said
GaijinSenshi: gays could get married wherever they wanted, it wouldn't have to be a christian church
AllSubC: if you want this so bad, go get elected and change it
AllSubC: but that wont happen
GaijinSenshi: why not?
AllSubC: yeah but they would have to have access to chruches..
GaijinSenshi: why would they have to have access?
GaijinSenshi: gays get married all the time in different places, this has nothing to do with religious doctrin, it has to do with the state recognizing that these marriages are legal
AllSubC: if a church denied gays a ceremony the church would be taken to court
AllSubC: yeah and the states abides by the constituion which is based on religion
AllSubC: im sounding like a broken record
GaijinSenshi: in america
GaijinSenshi: we have this thing
GaijinSenshi: called sepperation of church and state
AllSubC: you really dont understand a word im saying
GaijinSenshi: and freedom of religion
GaijinSenshi: i do
GaijinSenshi: it just isn't justifying why gays shouldn't be able to marry
AllSubC: brb
GaijinSenshi: oki
AllSubC: ok im back
GaijinSenshi: ok
GaijinSenshi: i'm eating a chicken burrito
AllSubC: yum
GaijinSenshi: it's pretty good
GaijinSenshi: except that
GaijinSenshi: it's huge
AllSubC: i'll eat some of it
AllSubC: lol
AllSubC: im like dead tired
AllSubC: school is draining me
GaijinSenshi: and i'm wearing my friends jeans, and shes a chick, and they barely fit, so i feel like i'm going to pop
GaijinSenshi: heh
GaijinSenshi: school is evil
AllSubC: lol
GaijinSenshi: why are you in school?
AllSubC: for real, i hate school
GaijinSenshi: i really really really hate school
AllSubC: i know school sucks
GaijinSenshi: i ditched one class a day (at least) my entire senior year
AllSubC: to many boring teachers, annoying classmates
AllSubC: hahaha
AllSubC: my senior year is gona be great
GaijinSenshi: my girlfriend at the time was  a straight A student, and she always got mad at me and beat me up
AllSubC: lol
AllSubC: im a straight a student
AllSubC: i dont know how, i sleep all the time
GaijinSenshi: but i showed her, while shes away at UCLA, i'm here at a JC and ditchig college
AllSubC: today someone had to wake me up to take a test....
GaijinSenshi: lol
AllSubC: lol
GaijinSenshi: i think it's important to get good grades, but i would't have changed anything
AllSubC: ahhh
GaijinSenshi: don't click that
AllSubC: too late
AllSubC: :-D
AllSubC: not there anyways
AllSubC: well  i gotta get up early tomorrow morning and its almost midnight here
GaijinSenshi: yeah :-(
GaijinSenshi: ok
GaijinSenshi: have fun
AllSubC: so im going to bed
GaijinSenshi: sweet dreams
AllSubC: yeah, sure...
AllSubC: :-)
AllSubC: you too
GaijinSenshi: i enjoyed our talk
AllSubC: yeah maybe when im a little more awake we can chat again
AllSubC: :-D
GaijinSenshi: even if i think you are part of the christian tyrant regime ;-)
GaijinSenshi: lol
GaijinSenshi: j/k
GaijinSenshi: take care
AllSubC: lol
AllSubC: sure thing
AllSubC: you too
AllSubC: later
AllSubC signed off at 9:47:09 PM.