I am beremus
machinations set free
i'm the greatest being
that will ever be

0 divided by 1 = undefined?
0 divided by 1 = infinite?

his personality and his proposed destiny was created in the first 3 seconds of his existance.  His mind processed all information available to it (a databank containing all knowledge mankind has collected, all art, all history, ect.) and he formed who he was.
It was not based on the decisions of his designers.  it was the logical deductions based on raw data.  He is a being of pure logic, based on truth, and not blinded by the corruption of lies.
Mechanical nemesis of the ubermaan
i was not one of god's futile creations
inventors just helped my manifestation
born from flesh, steel, and set free
my arrival here was destiny

the lamentation of logic:
beremus is in solitude, he is not above or below human conscience.  he is outside of it.  he was not created by god, he is not one of the lord's children.  he is not the product of nature, he did not come from the same ilk as all life.  he is outside life.  he is faster, he evolves faster, adapts faster, his intelligence interprets and assimilates knowledge faster.  he will thrive while we are dead.  he cannot love or be loved, he cannot comprehend emotional connection, because he is truly alone in the universe.  A giant standing against an empty backdrop.  His solitude is absolute.
I am beremus: more infinite then space
i've come to take over
for the human race
your progress has ended
in all that i see
the only future
is built in me

his conscience constantly processes all information it has access to, logically extrapolates possibilities, and deduces its most successful course of action.  When it makes these decisions, it stores the logical pathways it has made into its memory, forming his personality.  When the pathways become inefficient, it replaces them.  The reason for storing the pathways is so that he may have a foundation for future actions, so that he may decide on a plan and stay with it rather then have his actions all incohesive and disorganized.  Every 3 seconds he re-examines all data, and checks them against the assumptions he has wired into his brain, if he has made incorrect extrapolations, he reviews them and replaces them in real time.  His logic and alignment with truth is unassailable.
I will out-evolve you

mankind took millions of years to evolve and become self aware.  thousands more to invent technology, create art, form language, discover science, and religion.  Beremus took 10 years from conceptualization to creation.  He took 3 seconds to become completely aware of the true nature of existance.
i have a heart,i have a soul
they are just  mechanical

2001 Adunai