GaijinSenshi: hi
GaijinSenshi: i wanted to talk to you about religion
Roxanne774: hi
Roxanne774: okay....
Roxanne774: christianity?
GaijinSenshi: the church i believe in doesn't think that christ was killed on the cross
Roxanne774: what do you think happend to him/
Roxanne774: ?
GaijinSenshi: he slipped in the bathtub and broke his neck.  instead of a cross, we wear a soap on a roap
Roxanne774: your lyin...
GaijinSenshi: no i'm not
Roxanne774: where do you live?
GaijinSenshi: californai
Roxanne774: does your church go by the bible?
Roxanne774: or do you have another book?
GaijinSenshi: we have the true translation of the bible
GaijinSenshi: it is from pre-dark ages
GaijinSenshi: the bible was greatly changed in the dark ages by faithless priests who used it to control people and gain power
Roxanne774: oh...
Roxanne774: see.. i believe that the bible was insipered by God into the mouths and hands of the men who originally wrote it
Roxanne774: and that God knew that the bible was going to be one of the main ways man would learn about him since we like to have things spelled out, so he watched out for the bible during the various translations
Roxanne774: i'm not saying it is exactly like it was originally
Roxanne774: but i think that if Jesus slipped in a bathtub....
Roxanne774: he would have stepped in and changed it
Roxanne774: after all... they didn't even have bathtubs in Jesus's day
Roxanne774: most of the time after long journey's it was cultural custom for them to have their feet cleaned at their hosts house
GaijinSenshi: thats not true, they did have bath tubs
Roxanne774: and for special occasions they put of heavily perfumed oil
Roxanne774: water was to precious for the to waste filling up big tubs for them to clean them selves
GaijinSenshi: how do you think the greeks found out about displacement
Roxanne774: when the did bathe they did it in the lake
GaijinSenshi: the guy got in the bathtub
GaijinSenshi: and water came out
Roxanne774: you really believe that story?
Roxanne774: just like they discovered gravity when an apple fell off a tree
GaijinSenshi: well
GaijinSenshi: they knew abotu gravity before that
Roxanne774: oh...
GaijinSenshi: they had bathtubs in greece
Roxanne774: but you beileve that Jesus is our savior, and he died to save our sins, right?
GaijinSenshi: i guess you forgot also about roman baths
Roxanne774: Jesus didn't live in Greece
GaijinSenshi: where they would bathe
GaijinSenshi: in bath tubs
GaijinSenshi: in bath houses
Roxanne774: roman baths... much later time period
GaijinSenshi: it's not hard to invent a bathtub
Roxanne774: i've been to the bath house's...
GaijinSenshi: exspecially when you're the sun of god
GaijinSenshi: i bet you have
Roxanne774: and i'm pretty sure they were about 1500's
Roxanne774: i promise i have
GaijinSenshi: so?
Roxanne774: my grandparents live in Europe
Roxanne774: and we go over there all the time
GaijinSenshi: ok
Roxanne774: i've been there
Roxanne774: seen it
GaijinSenshi: i never said i dind't think you've seen it
GaijinSenshi: do you want a prize?
Roxanne774: Im sure that if Jesus wanted to invent a bathtub, he could have
GaijinSenshi: and he did
GaijinSenshi: and it was his undoing
Roxanne774: his undoing?
GaijinSenshi: <bathtubs himself: god, son, the holy spirit, showering>
GaijinSenshi: yes
GaijinSenshi: because his need to stay clean was what caused him to slip on a sliver of soap
Roxanne774: his need to stay clean?
GaijinSenshi: yes
Roxanne774: we are talking about a man who walked nonstop on dirt roads
Roxanne774: he talked to and spent time w/ lepers
GaijinSenshi: he had his apostles carry the tub behind him
GaijinSenshi: so he could keep clean
Roxanne774: what r u supposing this bathtub was made out of?
GaijinSenshi: jesus was very humble, i'm guessing a simple adobe or perhaps it was made of wood
GaijinSenshi: he was a carpenter after all
GaijinSenshi: he specialized in bathrooms
Roxanne774: have you ever tried to fill a wooden box with water?
Roxanne774: or tried to carry an adobe box for 20 miles?
GaijinSenshi: like a barrel
Roxanne774: fine... i'll give you that one
GaijinSenshi: he emptied it out and refilled when he stopped
Roxanne774: but the thing that made it so that Jesus could save us from our sins, was that he was blameless, and that he was cruicified
Roxanne774: he didn't die on accident
Roxanne774: he was killed by the very same people he was trying to save
GaijinSenshi: it was a roman guard who put that soap there
GaijinSenshi: the legionaires knew he was the true son of god and that he could not be defeated by the hand of man, so they had a woman put a piece too small too see, but big enough to slip on in the tub when he wasnt there
GaijinSenshi: it was very sad
Roxanne774: Jesus was a mortal
GaijinSenshi: mortals can heal people by touching them?
Roxanne774: he lived just as we do, suffered just like do...
Roxanne774: he didn't heal those people, it was his father, our God, working through him that healed people
GaijinSenshi: except that he knew for a fact that there was a god who loved him, and he knew where he was going when he died
GaijinSenshi: some big sacrifice
Roxanne774: i know that there is a God that loves me, and i know he loves you too
GaijinSenshi: some omnipotent being comes down to hang with us (he could do it anytime he wanted, hence "omnipotence") and people have the audacity to think we should respect his "sacrifice"
GaijinSenshi: man
GaijinSenshi: god has control issues
Roxanne774: Jesus choose to come down here, to save us, because he loved us
Roxanne774: he knew that we couldn't make it to heaven on our own, because we are human and we sin
Roxanne774: he came down here so that he could take the weight of our sins, and save us, because he loved us sooo much
Roxanne774: God told him when he was going to die
Roxanne774: he knew what was going to happen, but he still did it because he loves you
Roxanne774: and someday, he's going to come back
Roxanne774: and take us all to heaven with us, because he is a truely loving God
GaijinSenshi: he could save us all right now
Roxanne774: he could
GaijinSenshi: he could perpetually save everyone
GaijinSenshi: but instead, he lets millions of souls drop into hell
Roxanne774: he could save us at anytime, that's why you always have to be ready
Roxanne774: he has told everyone how to get to heaven
GaijinSenshi: everyone?
Roxanne774: he personally came down here to help us out
Roxanne774: yes everyone
GaijinSenshi: do you think everyone really gets a fair shake?
Roxanne774: you can see evidence in the sunset, the green leaves, new born babies
Roxanne774: evidence of his awsome power and love surrounds us every living moment
Roxanne774: it is everyones choice wether or not to believe in him
GaijinSenshi: i mean, it's easy for some rich kid who was raised a christian and never has had hardship and doens't have the intelligence to question things to get into heaven, but what about kids that have been through a lot, with parents who don't care, and a suspician that if there is a higher power, that he hates them? what about the people like that
GaijinSenshi: they go to hell because they lived rotten lives, and were never really able to accept god because of a lot of reasons
GaijinSenshi: what about all the believers of other religions, who were brought up islamic or jewish, and were never exposed much to god
GaijinSenshi: or kids who went to corrupt churches and were moslested in sunday school (it happens!) what about those kids?  they will probably fear christianity forever from what happened to them
GaijinSenshi: and for that, they are sent to live FOREVER in hell
GaijinSenshi: yeah
GaijinSenshi: god loves everyone
GaijinSenshi: all the poor people who starve to death, all the sad and lonely people who just want peace or salvation and instead get stomped on for their entire lives
Roxanne774: are you God?
Roxanne774: or is the one in heaven God?
GaijinSenshi: in his infinite wisdom, i guess he decides to let some people exist in pain and send them to hell forever while otehrs get to love life and have  joy and go to paradise
GaijinSenshi: i don't think i'm god
Roxanne774: well then why are you saying "these kinda people go to heaven, and these people go to hell"?
GaijinSenshi: the bible says so
GaijinSenshi: the bible is the word of god
Roxanne774: considering the fact that God knows everything, he know every little thing about every single one....
Roxanne774: he knows where we belong
GaijinSenshi: yeah
Roxanne774: he is the all knowing
GaijinSenshi: ok
GaijinSenshi: for instance
GaijinSenshi: he knows right now that i am going to hell for having harsh opinions of "him" if he exists
GaijinSenshi: yet, he does nothing to try to save me
GaijinSenshi: he could
GaijinSenshi: very easily
Roxanne774: i think that every person at some point in their life has the option to choose God
GaijinSenshi: but he doesnt
GaijinSenshi: he chooses not to
Roxanne774: he did choose do do something for you
Roxanne774: he came to earth and died for your sins
GaijinSenshi: so for me to go to heaven, i would have to force myself to believe in something that has nothing to substantiate himself, that i have no faith in
GaijinSenshi: basically he says: you have free will, but if you choose to exercise this free will and not whorship me, i'll send you to the flames forever
GaijinSenshi: how can he justify sending anyone to suffer eternally in hell
GaijinSenshi: even horrible horrible people don't deserve that
GaijinSenshi: hitler doesn't deserve to spent an infinite amount of time in pain and torture
Roxanne774: can you wait just a second?
Roxanne774: i'm asking one of the elders from my church
Roxanne774: i dont have all the answers
Roxanne774: i'm not going to pretend like i do
GaijinSenshi: ok
Roxanne774: but i want to be able to tell you as best i can
Roxanne774: okay-
GaijinSenshi: okay
Roxanne774: i dont think god sends us  to hell for our free will
Roxanne774: he sends us to heaven because we choose Jesus
Roxanne774: the people who go to hell choose to do so
Roxanne774: it is all what you do with it
Roxanne774: if you accept it, then you will be saved
Roxanne774: if you reject the offer of eternal life in christ
Roxanne774: you will be lost
GaijinSenshi: i want  to go to heaven, so i am going now?
Roxanne774: however God carries that out... is his choice
Roxanne774: he will do the right thing
Roxanne774: he wont condem someone because they didn't have a chance
Roxanne774: to learn about him
Roxanne774: you just have to have faith that God will make the perfect and just desicons
GaijinSenshi: i guess the proof will be in the pudding
Roxanne774: he wants us all to go to heaven
Roxanne774: there are people that straight out reject him
Roxanne774: but that is not not Gods will
GaijinSenshi: wait though
GaijinSenshi: ok
GaijinSenshi: i guess i would be considered to be one who straight out rejects him
GaijinSenshi: right?
Roxanne774: it is never too late
Roxanne774: at any point in your life you can choose to believe to that Jesus is the son of God and that he came to save our sins and died on a cross
Roxanne774: at when you do that, he will rejoice, and be joyful beyond all human standards
Roxanne774: because your life, just you, means so much to him
Roxanne774: am i making any sense to you at all?
Roxanne774: do you not understand anything i've said
Roxanne774: ?
Roxanne774: if you want to go to heaven, you can go
Roxanne774: the road to get there is a lot harder, but there are millions of people out there to help you
Roxanne774: and Jesus will be by your side all the time
Roxanne774: he loves you and wants you to be with him
GaijinSenshi: what if i have tried
GaijinSenshi: a lot
GaijinSenshi: to find truth
GaijinSenshi: and have a relationship with god
GaijinSenshi: but find nothing
Roxanne774: the truth has been given to you
Roxanne774: all the answers you need can be found in the bible
Roxanne774: i know it is hard to understand....
Roxanne774: i never know where to look
Roxanne774: that is why i have the elders at my church that i can ask things of
Roxanne774: having a relationship with God is not a 5 minute deal
Roxanne774: it is like having a relationship w/ another human being
Roxanne774: you cant have a friendship based entirely on hello's and goodbye's
Roxanne774: you talk to your friends... you can trust them
Roxanne774: you want to spend time w/ them
Roxanne774: that is what you have to do with God
Roxanne774: work on it constently
Roxanne774: not just before you go to bed at nite
Roxanne774: or whatever...
GaijinSenshi: hmm
Roxanne774: do you have anymore questions?
Roxanne774: i dont know if anything i'm saying is helping you...
Roxanne774: but i hope it does
Roxanne774: i've been praying for you the whole time we've been talking
GaijinSenshi: i still don't think anyone belongs in hell for eternity
Roxanne774: and i want you to know that i wont stop
Roxanne774: i'm going to keep praying
GaijinSenshi: it seems a long time to be there for the little time we have on earth
Roxanne774: i dont want anyone to go to hell either
Roxanne774: its true it does
Roxanne774: what your saying is all stuff that i have thought
Roxanne774: but you really do just have to trust God
Roxanne774: he know who needs to be where, because he created us all
GaijinSenshi: i feel like i don't belong
Roxanne774: where?
Roxanne774: in heaven?
Roxanne774: or in hell?
Roxanne774: or on earth?
GaijinSenshi: anywhere
Roxanne774: well... we dont belong on earth
Roxanne774: its not my home
Roxanne774: it is only where i am temporairily
GaijinSenshi: i don't think i have a home except in myself
Roxanne774: Jesus will help you find where you belong
Roxanne774: you do
Roxanne774: there is a mansion saved in heaven for you
GaijinSenshi: we'll see
Roxanne774: i promise it's there
Roxanne774: i want you to see it
Roxanne774: you just have to be patient and have faith
GaijinSenshi: ...
Roxanne774: ...?
GaijinSenshi: hey, i im'ed you to just have some fun, but you are a good person, and i appreciate your caring
Roxanne774: well... i've actually learned a lot
GaijinSenshi: how old are you?
Roxanne774: I love Jesus, i loved getting to tell others about him
Roxanne774: 15
Roxanne774: how old are you?
GaijinSenshi: 19
Roxanne774: oh
Roxanne774: so were you makin up the stuff about soap on a rope?
Roxanne774: or r u still for real about that?
GaijinSenshi: well, obviously it was a joke
Roxanne774: i thought so at first... but... i dont know :-)
Roxanne774: there are people out there who believe pretty bazar things
Roxanne774: you had really good arguments for it though!
GaijinSenshi: :-)