Tchaikovsky's 6th...
(dedicated to an angel, she will know who she is)
<music starts>
hold on..
i wasn't ready yet..
i'm try to catch up
but i am to slow
never quick enough to catch up to the pace of the tune
so i am lost
and left behind
please wait for me
i am a very important part
slow down!
i am trying to tell a story here
and you already have the players dancing and spinng around!
this is not the way of the opera!!
slow down!
you're moving to fast
i can't catch up
slow down
slow down
thank you.
So there is a man
possessed of a love he can never conquer
and her spirit is a part of him
they are twisted together
and they observe each other from each side of the looking glass
and he loves her, and she loves him
but there's a struggle.
it's a little one.
but vital.
what is he to do?
he wants to make her happy
but he also wants to make himself happy
and to make her happy, he must destroy himself
to make him happy, he must frusterate and stifle her
this makes her unhappy
and she leaves
down troden
and she is gone
wait wait
this is all off
the music
it's romantic like when i was telling about their love
but she just left..
this is all wrong.
it makes me want to kick something.
thank you.
so he spends his days working away
sadly but stoicly
waiting for his love to return to his life
waiting for her
waiting for her

and there she is!
she comes
much too fast
she rushes to tell him whats wrong
it appears as though she had been kidnapped
by a king who had loved her
and she escaped
and they were chasing her down
and then she was gone away
running running
he scurried to catch her
she had left him again
but he would find her
where could she be?
there life was as one.
he wandered through the forrest

there she is.
whats she doing?
whats she doing?
whats she doing?
there are the hunters!
they have caught her!
what are they going to do?
what are those knives for?
he rushes for her
but its all in slow motion
he catches her but it's too late
she's dead.
two lives as one, and she is dead.
he holds her in his arms
theres nothing else he can do.
he glares at the murderers.
then her spirit fills him
seeps into him

she is a part of him now
she is part of him now
they are one.


to be continued (maybe, i know this kinda sucks, but oh well, i can only paint with the materials given to me..)