gaijinsensh i: the true jesus would have flexed his arms and broke the cross he was nailed to
gaijinsensh i: and there, he would step forth and bellow
Prefect49: No denying that. He was a divinely buff mother fuccker.
gaijinsensh i: and the men around him would see they were wrong
gaijinsensh i: and all would be made right
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: They'd be like: "Whoa there Jesus! Our bad, forgot you were the messiah!"
Prefect49: You always have to consider wether you are making an example, or a martyr.
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: heh
gaijinsensh i: "father why have you forsaken me" - psuedojesus whining like a baby
gaijinsensh i: You always have to consider wether you are making an example, or a martyr <-brilliant insight :-)
gaijinsensh i: was that your own
Prefect49: Yes
gaijinsensh i: nice
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: Thanks =P I thought it up one day when thinking about the fact being crucified was easily the best thing that ever happened to jesus...
gaijinsensh i: martyr's are a weird concept
gaijinsensh i: i think they might be a bunch of pussys
Prefect49: Pretty much. Martyrs are basically PR stunts, but of no rea value.
gaijinsensh i: i'm looking at things from a new angle
gaijinsensh i: and it feels all wron
gaijinsensh i: g
gaijinsensh i: heheh
gaijinsensh i: but its kinda cool
Prefect49: It always helps to look at things rom a new angle, especially if that angle is blatant blasphemy.
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: it's the philosophically nihilist way of saying "fuck da police"
Prefect49: Heh heh heh...
gaijinsensh i: jesus and the uberman are one in the same
gaijinsensh i: and to think nietzsche is anti-christian
gaijinsensh i: hm
Prefect49: I suppose they are similar...Except that Jesus belived in moral absolutes...
gaijinsensh i: hmm
gaijinsensh i: i mean conceptually
gaijinsensh i: poor baby jesus
gaijinsensh i: sigh
gaijinsensh i: no one but the nihilists to hold him up into the sunlight
Prefect49: Well..The concept of the Uberman is that he holds no moral absolutes, and is superior, but is disgusted by his flaws, and thus strives even harder towards perfection, and endless cycle of self improvment without moral constraint..
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: well jesus is the physical embodiement of said perfection, but obviously the bible is severely flawed
Prefect49: Where as, Jesus was a moral teacher who believed himself basically flawless, and was not really disgusted with himself..Actually, the Uberman and Jesus are pretty much opposite...
Prefect49: Jesus was all about: I am the way, and the Ubermann thing is more about: You are the way...
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: but
gaijinsensh i: Actually, the Uberman and Jesus are pretty much opposite...
Prefect49: Thats what I'm saying...
gaijinsensh i: thats what you said
gaijinsensh i: i pasted it
Prefect49: Oh...Why?
gaijinsensh i: it's the fact that they are almost perfectly contradictory towards one another that makes them so similar
Prefect49: Your logic does not resemble our earth logic.
Prefect49: If two things contradict eachother, then how are the similar?
gaijinsensh i: i told you, i'm looking at things all backwards right now
gaijinsensh i: heheh
Prefect49: Ahhh...Well..I can kind of see the logic there...Similarity in the sense that they are two sides of one coin...?
gaijinsensh i: i'm trying to speak in human terms
gaijinsensh i: and failing
gaijinsensh i: hrm
gaijinsensh i: let me step into my body
gaijinsensh i: for a sec
gaijinsensh i: k
gaijinsensh i: hrm
Prefect49: Alright then.
gaijinsensh i: the flawed logic is that they are opposites, jesus believed himself to be flawless, the uberman seeks to eliminate flaws
gaijinsensh i: the uberman seeks to achieve jesusdome
gaijinsensh i: therein lies the similarities between christianity and nietzschiesm
gaijinsensh i: what would jesus do = how can i eliminate my flaws to be a better person
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: Well, actually, the WWJD bracelets are something of an abbertion, as one of the core belifes is that you can never even come close to the perfection of the Christ, you can only confess your imperfection to god and hope he cares.
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: but
gaijinsensh i: ok
gaijinsensh i: :-)
gaijinsensh i: i agree
gaijinsensh i: hmm
Prefect49: =)
gaijinsensh i: well the concept of modeling yourself after jesus christ to make the world a better place is very ubermanish :-)
gaijinsensh i: i tried following him, i tried ignoring him, i tried befriending him, now i just want to kick god in the nuts
gaijinsensh i: i'm going to sleep
Prefect49: I suppose...But the Ubermann tried to perfect himself, not the world...And he has no model to follow..
gaijinsensh i: before this madness takes root
Prefect49: Okay...gnite...
gaijinsensh i: eh
gaijinsensh i: language
gaijinsensh i: was the barrier which caused problems here
gaijinsensh i: better world = better existance
Prefect49: ::nod:: I see.
Prefect49: But I still maintain the fact that Ubermann has no model to follow...
gaijinsensh i: i know
gaijinsensh i: and i agree
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: Because I am a cock.
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: well check it out
gaijinsensh i: conceptual jesus (sepperate from actual jesus, bible jesus) is the manifestation of perfection the uberman wishes to achieve. however, because the perfection the uberman wishes to achieve is fluid, so must the existance of christ
gaijinsensh i: er, worded differently, but gist is there
gaijinsensh i: i guess he's not jesus any more
gaijinsensh i: and we are the uberman
gaijinsensh i: hahaha
Prefect49: But, I think, the way you put it, The Ubermann would have to believe in Jesus......
gaijinsensh i: that'd be a rad band name, jesus and the ubermen
Prefect49: Maybe the Ubermann simply has a fluid model..
Prefect49: Or is that what you were saying..?
gaijinsensh i: the ubermann could believe in jesus as a concept
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: The concept of Jesus as the Son of God..?
gaijinsensh i: lets be like jesus, but who jesus is is actually a fluid manifestation of perfection
gaijinsensh i: which i assume the son of god would stand tall as a perfect being in all ways undefinable and dynamic
Prefect49: A messiah capable of adapting to the current socioeconomic political atmosphere.
gaijinsensh i: christianity will crumble because the idea of the biblical jesus is becoming obsolete
Prefect49: Anton LAVey made the same prediction 40 years ago.
gaijinsensh i: so
gaijinsensh i: ?
gaijinsensh i: there's still time :-)
Prefect49: Christianity already has crumbled, but it remains as a figurehead.
gaijinsensh i: the uberman will wipe the figurehead of christianity from the waffle of his boot
Prefect49: There is no real Xianity, only somthing Illusory that people use as an excuse to fell good about themselves. It is impossible to take that away.
gaijinsensh i: maybe with a baseball bat
gaijinsensh i: we need some hardcore brain washing for this opperation
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: The true ideals that lie therin are forgotten in a storm of moral protests and fundraisers.
gaijinsensh i: get the watertanks and film projectors ready
Prefect49: They are more concerned with making sure gay people cant get married than they are about loving there neihbors..
gaijinsensh i: i know
Prefect49: Xtianity has become a tool, rather than a lifestyle.
gaijinsensh i: but we both know Prefect49: They are more concerned with making sure gay people cant get married than they are about loving there neihbors..
gaijinsensh i: isn't christianity
gaijinsensh i: it's madness
gaijinsensh i: so lets ignore it
Prefect49: Well, to call it madness, we'd have to be able to accuralty define madness..
gaijinsensh i: if we stopped paying attention to these rocket scientists, they'd probably go away and imbreed themselves into extinction
gaijinsensh i: would you like me to define madness?
gaijinsensh i: i can
gaijinsensh i: :-)
Prefect49: Okay.
gaijinsensh i: anything that goes past the "come on" factor.
Prefect49: Step2 define "come on" factor
gaijinsensh i: the purple teletubby is gay
gaijinsensh i: come on..
Prefect49: Oh come on!
Prefect49: I gotcha
gaijinsensh i: :-)
gaijinsensh i: and yeah
Prefect49: But there are some truths that vastly surpasses that factor.
gaijinsensh i: you could probably philosophically take apart the come on factor and try to render it ineffectual with a lot of wordy technicallities, but come on.
gaijinsensh i: like?
Prefect49: I have met a vampire.
gaijinsensh i: hmmm
gaijinsensh i: lets just say the world is a fucked up place :-)
gaijinsensh i: because sometimes
gaijinsensh i: when people die
gaijinsensh i: i see them
gaijinsensh i: :-)
gaijinsensh i: hmm
Prefect49: And, I suppose, the come on factor would be different for each person, so madness is an relative unit of measurment.
gaijinsensh i: like my friends mom gets hit by a tow truck, and i am watchign it
gaijinsensh i: the quality is bad like the blair witch project. it's happened since i was a child, and it DEFIES ALL I UNDERSTAND AND BELIEVE
gaijinsensh i: but you just gotta except that some things are unfathomable with our simian brains
gaijinsensh i: i guess madness is a relative term of measure.
Prefect49: I have already done so, and have based major sections of my philosophical belifes on a simple mathimatical equation to that effect.
gaijinsensh i: what were we even talking about?
gaijinsensh i: i'd like to see it
Prefect49: Okay
gaijinsensh i: wicked.\
Prefect49: Reay fo dis?
Prefect49: Ready I mean
gaijinsensh i: yo yo, i be ready fo anything
gaijinsensh i: ...
Prefect49: In numerical terms, we will state the ammount of data that exists as Infinate. We will use the letter I to represent this infinate ammount of data. Now, in the same numerical terms, we will state the ammount of data obtained by any human as a finite number, which will be represented by F. To determine the percentage of any quantity, in reference to it's whole, one would take the whole, and divide it into the portion obtained, and multiply it by 100.

F/I*100= %0,0000000000000000*

* an infinate number of zeros, followed by 1.

And thus, the ammount of information had by any one person is infinatly small, and of no real consequence.
gaijinsensh i: yeah
Prefect49: I changed my profile to that =P
Prefect49: Basically, the practical upshot is that I get to say that no one knows anything.
gaijinsensh i: yeah
gaijinsensh i: in which case i would say, i know i can kick your ass
gaijinsensh i: hahaha
gaijinsensh i: er
gaijinsensh i: hmm
gaijinsensh i: .
Prefect49: Well thats a given.
gaijinsensh i: hahaha
gaijinsensh i: oh well
gaijinsensh i: we'll find our way out yet.
Prefect49: I'm afraid that most peoples grandmothers will kick my ass. Even the dead ones.
gaijinsensh i: aw
gaijinsensh i: i need to go to bed
Prefect49: Do ya now!!!
gaijinsensh i: but before i go, i just want you to know that much of what i said was logically fallable and of direct concequence from my mood and state of mind, and i said a few things i knew were wrong when they were bouncing baby boys and girls in my brain, but gave them out anyways
gaijinsensh i: and i much appreciate this conversation :-)
gaijinsensh i: *bow*
gaijinsensh i: *kicks god in the nuts*
gaijinsensh i: *leans over a beautiful woman and gives her a tongue kiss*
Prefect49: As do I ::bows, and emulates the divine nut kickery::
gaijinsensh i: *salutes*
gaijinsensh i: *rides off into the sunset*