Alicia: i'm voting for ralph nader for president
Me: why
Me: its throwing your vote away
Alicia: screw kerry and bush
Alicia: no its not
Me: hmm
Me: k
Alicia: neither deserve to be in the white house
Me: why doesn't kerry
Alicia: because he's fake
Me: how so
Alicia: and full of bullshit
Me: how is that?
Alicia: i don't like whar he stands for
Me: where does he stand that you disagree with
Alicia: pro abortion stem cell research gay marriage universal healthcare
Me: you would be a major benefactor of universal health care
Alicia: no it wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!1
Me: you think its wrong that everyone should have health care?
Me: yes it would
Me: you're a direct recipient of state funded healthcare
Alicia: its socialized medicine and we will have higher taxes and we will have universal id cards have you ever heard of socialism
Me: like, i personally don't have health care and can't afford health care.  i also don't qualify for government funded health care like you do
Alicia: not universal med
Me: if i get hurt or really sick, i will be put into debt for the rest of my life
Me: because the united states doesn't have a good health care system
Alicia: i have a child
Me: right now our "higher taxes" are a direct benefit for you, you get health care based on my taxes while i don't get any health care at all
Alicia: i pay taxes too
Me: yeah, but you get benefits
Me: i don't
Alicia: i don't believe in socialism
Me: you're a single mother on welfare recieving benefits from the state to help you out, and you don't believe in socialism
Alicia: because i have a child and ross won't give insurance or child support
Alicia: nope
Me: we're no longer having this discussion
Alicia: ok
Alicia: did you figure out a name
Me: no
Alicia: do you have a problem with me being on welfare
Me: no, i have a problem with you being on welfare and then saying that you're against the government helping other people out
Me: heh
Alicia: that's not true
Me: like, kerry doesn't propose that everyone is pushed into the same health care, hes just saying he wants everyone to have the oppurtunity to have affordable health insurance
Me: how can you possibly think that is a bad thing
Alicia: i don't like what he says he doesn't even want to help out our soldiers
Alicia: i don't like him
Me: in what way?
Alicia: and never will
Alicia: i'm not liberal
Me: do you agree or disagree on the insurance thing?
Alicia: i disagree and please don't cut me down for being on welfare
Me: i never cut you down on welfare
Alicia: i can't find a fulltime job so i can get insurance
Alicia: you just did
Me: frankly, welfare is a socialist program, so i don't understand how you can be against it
Me: i think you should be on welfare, and i think the government should provide it
Me: because you need the help
Me: i have no problem with it at all
Me: i think you're a prime example of the welfare system working
Alicia: i'm going now i'm too upset to talk
Me: why are you upset?
Me: ??
Alicia: i'm not talking now i'm upset
Alicia: bye