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Me vs The Walmart Optometrist Department (round 1)

Taking a relatively simple task like getting new glasses and giving it to a procrastinating nihilist can only lead to one thing: trouble.
I made an apointment for today at 1, i get there at 1:10 (a little late, sheesh) the doctor had "just stepped out for a minute" so i sat down to wait.  Eventually another person came in with a 1:30 apointment, and then the 1:40 apointment, still no doctor.. Finally he comes, and runs through the standard battery of preliminal tests to the actual eye exam event.  These went fairly simple except when they did the glaucoma test (i hope i had it) they blast air into your eye.  Now i've had about 10-15 eye exams in my life, and i've never had a problem, but this time, when they blasted my eye, i jerked back and flinched.   They had to do it 3 times to finish it. (that was forshadowing) anyways, i sat down went through the eye exam, the doctor asked why i needed new glasses, i told him cause i always break mine, so i have to get new ones about once a year.  He said, oh, you should try contacts.

Now i've been thinking about getting contacts for awhile, but wasn't sure, it seemed like kind of a bad idea, but i figured, why not, i could give it a try.  He offered me a free trial, and he put them in for me, i kept blinking but he eventually got them in, no sweat.  It was amazing, here i could see perfectly without glasses, and i couldn't even feel them! this was beautiful, i wished i had tried them years before.  So he wrote me up the slip and sent me to the glasses section of the walmart vision care center.  I watched a 3 minute video on how to put contacts in and take them out and clean them, and it looked like i was on my new life of glasses free vision.
But wait..
The glasses guy came in and showed me how to take them out, using his own eye for an example, then i sat down and looked in their mirror to take them out myself.  I lifted my eye lid, put my finger on my eye, and tried to slide it down.  No good.  I tried to pinch my eye like a grape to get it off, still no good.  i did everything the video said, everything the guy said, and i couldn't get the damn thing off.  So i said, fine, blah, i'll try the other eye.  After working on it for about 5 minutes, i got the thing off a little bit, and then DISASTER STRUCK.  The damn thing curled up and slid behind the side of my eye.  Now let me tell you this hurt like a mother fucker.  The whole problem with the entire contact ordeal was that my eyes kept flinching, i guess my mind couldn't override the idea i've instilled in my head from living 20 years of my life on this planet that ITS NOT GOOD FOR THINGS TO GO INTO YOUR EYE.  Blah, so my eye was dark red (glaucoma?) from rubbing and pinching ect.  and now the contact lense was stuck on the side of my eye.  well, 10 more minutes of messing with it finally got the damn thing off.  The guy came in, and said, good you got it, now put it back in.  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM well i tried like twice and decided contact lenses are not for me.
When society reaches a point that we think its a good idea to stick something directly on our eyeball, i think its time to just scratch the whole project and start over.
Of course, maybe im just using that to justify my inability to do a reasonably simple task that seemingly everyone else is capable of, but lets just write it off that my superior adunai eyes have too much self preservation skills to allow me to stick my finger in my eye.
Bonus mini story: when i was picking out new glasses these two girls were helping me, and i picked out a pair that looked just like the ones i had and tried them on, and the girls were like "nah, they are kinda nerdy" and then they picked out some black plastic ones and said, those are cute on you, you're getting those.  these were professional optemtrist doctors that said this!!! oh well. the end.
here's a bad joke i made up today:
Q: where do robots eat dinner?
A: mechdonalds

if you have any cool links, e-mail them to me and i'll add them on.

" When you kill Cong, don't you feel something ?" - Chef
" Sure. Recoil... I feel the recoil of my rifle." -Captain Willard

new movie reviews (Apocalypse Now Redux and Blackhawk Down, by someone other then me for once)

1.21.02 (some nonsense just for you)

it never existed
i will never get to drink nesbitt's lime soda
*sighs sadly*

man shot to the moon.....
i bought a paper back and wanna go real soon..this is a line from a modest mouse song, the rest is by me

the moon
lunar cycles following
the rotation of the sun
if it gets to close to the earth
you know we're all well done
the moon will follow around us
in an orbit affecting the sea
the moon is the earth's best friend
for all eternity

at least until i blow it up

thats right baby.
shards will destroy norway, new zealand and france
..england if we're lucky

i'll stand next to a girl and watch the pieces fall like shooting stars

read about the new adunai super hero JACK KONG

So you think you're tough?


TORONTO -- He's the man who wouldn't die.
Jack Kong, 51, was whacked on the head with a hammer, stomped, stabbed seven times, smashed in the face with a frying pan, hogtied, smothered and disemboweled.
Now, he'll testify at the trial of the man accused of trying to kill him, jurors heard yesterday.
Van Duc, 67, also stole Kong's gambling money after their night at Casino Niagara, prosecutor Kerry Hughes alleges. Duc has pleaded not guilty to attempting to murder Kong.
On Dec. 20, 2000, Duc gave Kong a ride to Casino Niagara. Kong went with $5,000 and by 3 a.m. had won another $1,000.
Hughes said the men got a flat tire as they drove back to Toronto. After the tire was changed, Duc hit Kong on the head with a hammer, saying, "I'm sorry, the hammer slipped" and helped him into the van, Hughes said.
Duc helped Kong up to his home and offered to treat his head injury. He told Kong to lie on the bed and then allegedly stabbed him in the back three times.
Kong rose up and was stabbed again in his chest. Hughes alleged Duc then held the knife to Kong's neck and demanded money. Kong complied.
Duc then allegedly picked up a large frying pan and hit Kong so hard he knocked out two front teeth. He then bound Kong's feet and hands and shoved a plastic bag in his mouth, Hughes said. Duc put a pillow over Kong's face and said: "I'm not leaving until you pass out."
As Kong lay still, Hughes said, Duc felt for a pulse, put his finger under Kong's nose to check for breathing, kicked his legs and stomped on his groin to try to get a reaction.
Hughes said Kong can't recall the final cut but alleged Duc "sliced Mr. Kong's belly open ... so that his intestines were protruding out of his body."
Duc then pulled the mattress off the bed and covered Kong's motionless body. When the room was quiet, Kong untied himself and escaped.

Also, a couple new movie reviews are up  movie reviews

Making pro-pepsi pages are easy because the material just presents itself to me.  I like this one the best i think :)
click here

I got a new fish
its a baby oscar, his name is Mato.  They are relatives of pirahnas and attack everything.  I put it in with my turtles..

Also i updated the easy to use Quick Link page... click  here to get there :)

1.12.02 (two updates in one day..woo)

Im making a movie review page, you guys should all write reviews for whatever movies  you watch and send them in.  Also videogame/book reviews might be interesting too.  Anyways, check it out...

Movie Reviews

i promised i'd update, and here it is, yay......(thinks up some filler..)

this picture is loaded, there is a corner of a globe that still has the USSR on it, a stone dragon, a coconut monkey philosopher, a space shuttle postcard, a wooden pirate ship, a print of a picasso minotaur picture, a hand dipped candle, and a blue glass import water bottle from italy.

I was just trying to take a picture of the monkey though.

sorry, thats pointless, i'm tired, and at least its something? no? nonsense is worse then no updates? argh, sorry.. i should never have made this page then, i should wait for the internet police to come and kill me now.  Good bye friends, goodbye...

freeservers cut back my webpage storage amount, so i had to delete some things, sorry.  don't worry it was nothing cool (except the entire collection of messiah deluxe songs) if anyone has a webpage that'll host me, you should.

oh yeah, and for those hard to reach spots or the easy to maneuver version of my webpage is

a link for you, i swear it works:

OH WAIT! I DID DO A REAL UPDATE!!! ON SPACE MADNESS!!!CHECK IT OUT!!! AND E-MAIL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!! OR DON'T!!! NO ONE IS READING THIS!!! I CAN TYPE WHATEVER I WANT!!!NO ONE CARES!!! THIS IS ALL SO STUPID!!! STOP MAKING ME UPDATE MY PAGE WHEN I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!!!  NEVER LET ME UPDATE MY PAGE WHEN IM TIRED AGAIN!!! in fact, someone should take over this page for me, i've done a horrible job.  Im boring and uniteresting, and lack a sense of humor or any imagination.  I should just be euthanized/

(cowboy bebop)
which is lesson #1? im not sure, is it..
a) when you're short on cash, you start thinking of ways to get rich quick
b) human beings are meant to work hard for their money, those that try to get rich quick will get divine retribution

lesson #2 is i never got anywhere when i trusted people

lesson #3 is
if you see a stranger, follow him

lesson #4... don't leave things too long in the fridge.


Dave Thomas is dead.


Last night i kicked it compton style.

Daphny and i saw this van in Santa Clara, we wanted to take pictures so i could put up a webpage about it, but we were too lazy.
Fortunately, someone did it for us:

 more later, i'm tired.

I took a death and destruction test, this is what i got:
0% - 10% (Britney)

Oh dear, oh dear.
Far from being a world destroying DeathKiddy, you appear to enjoy kittens, bunnies and Puppies.
Not a cloud enters your sky and all is sweetness and light for you.

Take the DeathKiddy Test!

you all know why this is funny.
i think i got a low score because i don't look to trent reznor as a god.  I think a God would be a little less of a whiny bitch.

If you want to see how people get to my page through search engines, click here  i promise it is interesting.  In fact.  I SWEAR.

as an american, it is my duty to voice my opinion and do my best to help keep america strong and good.  speaking out against the flaws of the country doesn't mean i hate my country, it means we should examine our weaknesses so we can become a stronger nation.

So why have i changed my mind and decided not to join the army to protect my country? well, first off, who am i protecting? the rich corporations who exploited people all over the world for a profit and pissed the terrorists off in the first place?  what were their targets? the governement that supports this economic raping of the world, and the towers that support it?  I think killing innocents is wrong, but i'm not going to die to save the corporate world.  Sorry.  If they had asked me, i would have never told them it was okay to exploit and use other countries to get cheap SLAVE labor and CHILD labor, so that we can make more money.  It can be argued i benefit from these cheaper products.  Unfortunetly, another way they make money is by paying workers minimum wage with no benefits while overcharging for merchandise.  we're all getting fucked.  it's all fucked.  I'm not gonna die to help perpetuate this system.  We need to realize there is evil on both sides of the fight.  We must work to destroy or correct these problems, so that EVERYONE can live out the "American Dream" not just americans.

I know this is stating the obvious, but sometimes, people don't really pay attention.

Does this make me unamerican?
because i am not ignoring the facts and blindly supporting heartless people who use others for their own gain, while waving the american flag?

People have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that is what i'm defending.
if this is unamerican of me, then maybe the "america" i know and love is dead.

A teenager who hurled a strawberry tart at King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will be tried for threatening state security, chief prosecutor Ingela Soergaard said.

Such an offence would normally mean up to one year in jail, but the teenager risks up to six years in prison for allegedly jeopardising the security of the state, Swedish press agency TT said.

The 16-year-old, clad in black from head to toe, threw the tart straight into the King's face while the monarch was visiting a bird reserve near Verberg, in the Halland region of the country's south-western coast.

He will be tried with two accomplices, aged 16 and 17.

The teenager told police that he did not intend his act to be taken as a personal attack against the King, but as an attack against the Swedish authorities.

The assailant was tackled to the ground by the king's bodyguards, with help from Queen Silvia.

The monarch was unhurt, and even seemed amused by the act.

My view:
I don't know whats more funny:
a) the kid throwing a pie in the kings face
b) the queen helping to tackle him
c) the king thinking it was kinda funny
d) the kid maybe going to jail for it anyway

post opinions on the message board!

i really
you should click on this picture:

The truth behind Bin Laden's rage against the western world:
after monthes of dieting, working out, going to tanning salons, bin laden was enraged when Mexican President Vicente Fox, 59, took the honors for sexiest world leader.
bin laden posing for judges
Mexican President Vincente Fox (right) playing foosball with George W Bush and an Ewok
our fearless leader's heart broke when he didn't even get an honorable mention

11.16.01  (not really, but i wanted two updates today, so pretend i wrote this yesterday, okay? thanks)
(this is from Keith Lynch, a brilliant man, who nontheless misunderstood my intent)
this e-mail was sent to, a government anti-internet terrorism e-mail address, and me:
I just received the following three emails from HOME.COM, one of which
was utterly enormous, and put my account over quota.  This is not an
attempt to advertise using my mailbox.  This is an attempt to destroy
my mailbox.  Internet terrorism.

Even though I've trimmed out the TENS OF THOUSANDS of lines of
unreadable garbage which made up 99+% of the bulk of this attack, if
you reply, please don't quote all three emails (or any of them) in
your response.  My mailbox already contains more than enough trash.
Thank you.

my response:
my e-mail address is, the e-mails in question were sent from me to kfl@Radix.Net last night (1 or 2 Am november 17th)

to whom it may concern
This was not an attack, this was not an attempt to destroy an internet mailbox, this was simply sending a song in the wav. sound file format as an attachement.  It was no a en masse e-mail, it was specifically to keith lynch.  I had visited his website and found him a fascinating and interesting person, and my cousin and i wrote and performed a song about him and his various exploits that we learned from his website.  I did not take into an account he used a shell account as opposed to a standard e-mail account, so what may have appeared to be "thousands of lines of gibberish" was actually the attachement (as noted and seen in the e-mails he forwarded you) of the song i made specifically FOR him.  This does not make me a terrorist, it makes me a musician.  Thank you for your time and effort.  I apologize for any inconvenience this blatant act of song writing may have caused, sincerely, i meant no harm.  It saddens me you were unable to hear it keith.

eric drewes

ps: i don't hold any grudge against you for reporting me as a terrorist, i see this merely as a misunderstanding that needed to be cleared up.

Albert Einstein

look at him..
imagine him younger..
dark hair and mustache..
add a cap on his head..
and suspenders..
do you see it?
then click here

Alan sent me this forward about jane fonda, and i thought i'd share a little with you:
Jane Fonda:

From 1963-65, Col.  Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4Es).
He spent 6 -years in the "Hilton"- the first three of which he
was "missing in action".  His wife lived on faith that
he was still alive.  His group, too, got the cleaned, fed,
clothed routine in preparation for a "peace delegation" visit.

They, however, had advance notice and devised a plan to get word
to the world that they were still alive.  Each man secreted a
tiny piece of paper with his SSN on it in the palm of
his hand.  When paraded before Ms.  Fonda and a cameraman and
formed a line.  She walked that line, shaking each man's hand and
asking little encouraging snippets like: "Aren't
you sorry you bombed babies?" and "Are you grateful for the
humane treatment from your benevolent captors?" Believing this
HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their
sliver of paper.

She took them all without missing a beat.  At the end of the
line, after the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief
of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge and
handed him the little pile of papers. Three men died from the
subsequent beatings.  Col.  Carrigan was almost number four; but
he survived, which is the only reason we know
about Ms. Fonda's actions that day.

fucking bitch.

a drastic turn on my view of this war:
the reason the people in all these third world countries hate the US  is because our government support their
oppressive regimes because the US is pretty much controlled by our rich corporations that need the
regimes in power in order to exploit the people of those countries so they can make profit.  While i definetly
don't condone the actions of the terrorist networks, i also am STRONGLY against the exploitation of
people outside of this country.  We say we hate child slave labor, we say we think exploiting people is
wrong, while still buying products from these companies that support it and made in countries that allow it.
I know i do, and i'm sure all of you have products made in china, or any other number of places that validate
the use of slavery and violence, for what?  Cheap products and higher profit margins?  Fuck them.  I think
we all need to take a look at whats going on.  (including me..)  I mean we need to stop being lazy and
doing things just because they are easy without examining first if what we're doing is right.

speaking of which:
Pepsi vs Coke (part 2)
and umm..
Pepsi vs Coke (part 3)
my final word.

if your wondering about the background music, it was on a friend's guestbook.  some guy who claimed to have made it wrote her a threatening note telling her to take it down immediaty.  So she took it down, and i put it up.  I e-mailed him, but he has yet to reply.  Hmm, do you smell something? i do.

Pepsi vs Coke  a tribute in pictures

I'll be in florida for the next 5 days, i'll update when i get back, have fun kids.

the daphny page  here

easy mac is good if you add milk and butter.
mm easy mac

i wrote a western story  here

i'm going to florida soon, and my brother crashed my car so i can't get my new glasses or a new GB game to play, *grumble*

things are decent.

bye now.

Halloween (update 1)
there's odd weather.. the wind is blowing strange.  the sky looks so different.
at 12:12 someone called, didn't say anything for 10-15 seconds, i could hear them breathing, then they hung up.
something for you here
GaijinSenshi: "as for me, I'm always the same all time.  The same old emotions, the same
                   old sadness, the same old happiness all at the same time.  It never changes.
                    I just deal with the sameness in different ways at different times. I'm just
                    waiting for somethign to happen, but i doubt it ever will."
GaijinSenshi: dated at 10.2.99
GaijinSenshi: have i gone no where?
mehakoi: where is there to go?

"i have to get to the race" - thompson
"there's no hurry, the race is over" - some hotel guy
"not for me it isn't" - thompson

q: why do you hate andy warhol?
a: adunai intuition tells me to

q: i can't tell if you're really smart, or really dumb?
a: shut up

q: what the fuck man?
a: shut up

"i don't even know who won the race, maybe no one" - thompson

a link: click here because i told you to

(this one isn't by picasso, it was by ME)

(another binary date)
the pilot on my flight back shook everyones hand before the plane took off.  I wonder if he was sizing us up as potential combatants.  Osama "I love NY" Bin Laden has further burried himself by that tape he made, where he tells muslims all over the world to join the fight for islam against america.  I'm sure Kareem Abdul Jabar and all the other Muslims in america are going to see that, forsake their country, and immediatly go to the gun store to start the revolution.

Now that terrorists have taken over the airline industry, flying has become like an old school arcade game where you have to kick, punch, and battle your way through the plane fighting arabs in order to make it to the cockpit in time to stop the plane from crashing into <insert national monument here>
are you up for the challenge?? click here if you are tough enough

i'm flying to OHIO i'll be back on monday, take it easy you crazy monkeys.

hmm, todays date is in binary.

Now that i have a cable modem, i've been a pirating games/movies/music like hell, so in the coming apocolypse when the United States gets invaded and destroyed by Canada, i can still watch jurrasic park 3.

I updated something, its easy to see.


Just kidding about the Canada thing :)
(it's gonna be Texas finally fighting for their independance)

I made a website about ASIAN SWAMP EELS (AKA TERMINATOR EELS) you should check it out, for reals.
click on the picture.  do it.

oh yeah, the conversation 2 page is updated, click here

 well theres this..

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Frank(the bald one): Buenas dias and welcome to a new blurb by your favorite announcers, Tim & Frank!
Tim(the ranting one): Buenas dias? you're not mexican..
Frank: i'm trying to seem multicultural, dont you think it's wrong in this day and age for us not to be?
Tim: we're two cartoon characters of white announcers, what do you want?
Frank: maybe someone could change the hue of my animation to make me african american or something
Tim: um...
Frank: why do you gotta keep us brothers down?
Tim: I'm leaving.
Frank:muhaha.. where ya gonna go?

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