BastfCats: what's your standing on cannibalism?
GaiJINSENSHI: you gotta marinate it for at least a day to tenderize the meat, otherwise it's too stringgy
BastfCats: hmmm... what about raw?
BastfCats: you know... fresh...
GaiJINSENSHI: fresh meat
GaiJINSENSHI: as the undead, i feel obligated to say it's nuitritious
GaiJINSENSHI: and delicious
GaiJINSENSHI: but off the record
BastfCats: *grins*
GaiJINSENSHI: i bit my friend once, i guess it's ok, but i wouldn't make a meal of it

<ChiefWoo> hi
<ChiefWoo> i'm a real indian chief
<ChiefWoo> you don';t like native americans?
<ChiefWoo> you want me to scalp you, ehhhh mutha fucka, is dat what you want?
<ChiefWoo> i'm gonna bust an arrow in your ass beetch
*** Ishmael has joined #poetry
<ChiefWoo> hey
*** freeballn has joined #poetry
<ChiefWoo> i'm a real indian chief
<ChiefWoo> you think you whores are tough
<ChiefWoo> ?
*** Ishmael has left #poetry
<freeballn> are you a for real indian chief?
<ChiefWoo> you're god damn right bitch
* freeballn isnt a bitch
<freeballn> ya dig?
<ChiefWoo> is that some kind of racist remark?
<freeballn> no!!!!
<ChiefWoo> you think the suffering of my people is funny? damn you
<freeballn> wtf are you talkin about?!?!?!
<freeballn> no!!
<freeballn> goddamnit
<ChiefWoo> i will get you for this
<freeballn> man.
<ChiefWoo> your family, all will be scalped
<freeballn> youre prolly not even a real chief
<ChiefWoo> now you doubt my proud heritage
<freeballn> man
<ChiefWoo> you have dishonored me

BastofCats: how you been?
GaijinSeNShi: not bad
GaijinSeNShi: ninja'fied
BastofCats: ninja'fied?   <grins>
BastofCats: mine's been pretty long and eventless.
GaijinSeNShi: your life should be sudden and deadly
BastofCats: except having my cat get surgery... that was wierd.
GaijinSeNShi: i'll give it surgery
GaijinSeNShi: i'm a surgeon
GaijinSeNShi: <draws katana>
BastofCats: <look skeptically at the weapon>
BastofCats: on second thought... she's probably fine as is...
GaijinSeNShi: no no
GaijinSeNShi: don't worry about it
GaijinSeNShi: aohidfkjsdkfja;dflkasdfasd========WWWooooooooSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhshh=-==
GaijinSeNShi: <cat healed>
GaijinSeNShi: <ninja vanish>

LunaSenshi: somebody should take your katana and throw it out the window
GaijinSeNShi: somebody did, they are called the cops

<Jaevin> now here is a man you can trust, Dr Frog!
<tingod> strolin, exactly my point.
<vanasmile> jaevin.. it is sad that you have not experienced the loving kindness i have received
<Diva4real> Has Jaevin considered anger management?
<DrFrog> mwuahahha
<tree`> tingod sounds a bit.... insane
<tree`> :p
<DrFrog> I lick the back of my head w/ my tongue.
<tingod> gods... they're heathens, the whole lot of 'em!
<strolin> insanity is god?
<DrFrog> what was that about trust? mwuahaha
<Jaevin> 'thats the best part about being a frog
<Jaevin> licking your own hallucinagenic secretions
<DrFrog> nah man, swallowing w/ your eyes.  just too good.

GaijinSeNShi: <eats some turtle food>
Pure SpUzz: why?
Pure SpUzz: praytell?
GaijinSeNShi: it's a nutritionally balanced floating food ideal for aquatic reptiles
GaijinSeNShi: like me!
Pure SpUzz: uhhh
Pure SpUzz: your not-never mind
Pure SpUzz: eric your a crack head
GaijinSeNShi: nah

<strolin> DrFrog...  are you a tree frog?
<DrFrog> i'm one of those rare, south american beer drinking frogs.
<DrFrog> if the beer's in the tree, then yes.  I'm a tree frog.

<Adrianne_> sorry to say tht ChiefWoo but we r not racists we r gust a bunch of women who feel human's race agains em
<ChiefWoo> well
<ChiefWoo> we too feel that way
<ChiefWoo> we should forge an alliance, the indian tribe of Woo and the lesbians of this channel
<ChiefWoo> together we can fight the good fight against ignorance
<Adrianne_> brave warrior but u can't force few women to fight against the world

<Pointman1> I am a paleface
<[Wicked]> "human philosophy" hehe
<ChiefWoo> just because you are of a minority does not mean you cannot be racist
<ChiefWoo> you are ignorant also
<ChiefWoo> you must be taught of bird spirit's love
<Pointman1> tweet tweet
<ChiefWoo> you dare mock bird spirit?!
<exactly> Get out of the darkness people. Get out of the darkness.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<exactly> ChiefWoo: Is not it great to be free?
<ChiefWoo> yes it is
<ChiefWoo> to know bird spirits love
<exactly> yeah
<exactly> thats what it is all about

<Lunaris> hahah whats this about bird spirit?
<ChiefWoo> haha
<ChiefWoo> bird spirit is cool
<Lunaris> wheeee
<Lunaris> ok dear.
<Lunaris> just breathe
<Lunaris> youre such a random person
<Lunaris> hehehe
<ChiefWoo> haha
<Lunaris> i love that
<Lunaris> make a cult
<Lunaris> youd be a neat cult leader
<ChiefWoo> hehe

*** Now talking in #anarchism
*** Topic is 'Fuck the Civil...Lets get Disobedient'
<jaevinius> fuck yeah dude
<jaevinius> i apply anarchy to every aspect of my existance
<jaevinius> i'm the true embodiment of the ideals of anarchy
<skeleton> well then learn to spell mountain man
<jaevinius> what'd i spell wrong?
<skeleton> uhh
<skeleton> i dont know  LOL
<Jaevinius> thats what i fucking thought
<Jaevinius> bye
***Jaevinius leaves #anarchy

JessCow: you are about the most sane person i've ever talked to
GaiJINSENSHI: how so?
JessCow: dont give me bullshit about being insane
JessCow: you know whats going on

LunaSenshi: i found you pretty irresistable as a chick myself.
LunaSenshi: ;-)
GaiJINSENSHI: lol, explain
LunaSenshi: well youre just irresistable full stop whatever you try to be

CaptainFluffball: are you looking for something more computer-ee?
GaijinSeNShi: :-(
GaijinSeNShi: no
GaijinSeNShi: something more fantasy
CaptainFluffball: like, k33l3rt
CaptainFluffball: sweeshay
CaptainFluffball: stropil
CaptainFluffball: i'm no good at this
CaptainFluffball: :-(
GaijinSeNShi: it's ok
GaijinSeNShi: yer job is to look pretty :-)
CaptainFluffball: ::poses::
CaptainFluffball: this i can manage

Pook Is Boring: my nintendo still doesnt work
Pook Is Boring: i have to do something to it
GaijinSeNShi: um
GaijinSeNShi: seduce it into workin
Pook Is Boring: im just going to break it or burn it or make nintendo soup
GaijinSeNShi: yummy
Pook Is Boring: when are you going to update the conversation page
GaijinSeNShi: in a couple days

CKT003: Hi eric
GaijinSeNShi: hi
GaijinSeNShi: sup?
CKT003: taking a break from working
GaijinSeNShi: whatcha workin on my man?
CKT003: I could tell you but then I would have to kill you
CKT003: :-)
GaijinSeNShi: well you could tell me and i'll take my chances :-)

LunaSenshi: youre in a be mean to luna-mood
GaijinSeNShi: you said you wouldn't seduce me cause you were too busy with your hot rich friends
Auto response from LunaSenshi: "help! my chauffeur wants to kill me because i didnt want to have cheap sex with him."
GaijinSeNShi: as a matter of fact, i wouldn't even bother delivering a bomb
GaijinSeNShi: i wouldn't even know you
GaijinSeNShi: and i would never be your chauffer anyways
GaijinSeNShi: i'd deliver top secret packages for high technology companies
GaijinSeNShi: so there
GaijinSeNShi: "boo! you fucking monkeys" -  murphy to the people of the past (us)

JessCow: you are interesting
JessCow: to me
GaiJINSENSHI: thanks
JessCow: i dunno
JessCow: you have a brain
JessCow: you fuck with people a lot
JessCow: and they dont realize it

Sabotage: "hey Klaive, heh i didnt mean to hurt your feelings"
Klaive: "It's okay, just that the monkey wasn't mine.  And my son was really upset."
You: "what the heck are you guys tlaking about"
Klaive: "you can come to the next party too.  I don't have hard feelings.  If you don't either then that's great!"
Sabotage: "i was in Klaive's house and he didnt want me attacking his monkey, so i put him to sleep and he got angry and kicked me out"
Klaive: "it was my son's monkey"

>kiss run
The runner smiles at you shyly and says, "You're kind of cute, but you're just not my type."  She giggles and prepares to go on about her business.

You: "what does the runner say when a girl tries to kiss her?"
Lissie: "Oo baby."
You: "so THATS why i'm not her type.."

You have just entered room "Majestic820 Chat19."
GaijinSeNShi: hey
Majestic820: hi
GaijinSeNShi: <whistles to himself>
Majestic820: sephra, this is eric
Majestic820: eric..sephra
JCsGirl2488: :-*hey
Majestic820: eric say hi to sephra
JCsGirl2488: waiting
Majestic820: >:o
JCsGirl2488: i'll do it with u if u say hello
GaijinSeNShi: HI
GaijinSeNShi: um
GaijinSeNShi: no thanks
GaijinSeNShi: maybe some other time
GaijinSeNShi: heh
Majestic820: anyways.....
GaijinSeNShi: sorry, i was afk
GaijinSeNShi: nice to meet you
GaijinSeNShi: so
GaijinSeNShi: where you guys from?
JCsGirl2488: pleasures alllllllll mine
GaijinSeNShi: haha
Majestic820: we're from NY
Majestic820: but we have a house in Orlando
JCsGirl2488: haha
GaijinSeNShi: thats cool
GaijinSeNShi: ..
JCsGirl2488: guess who we share it with?
GaijinSeNShi: who?
Majestic820: sephra, you can tell him
JCsGirl2488: guess....
GaijinSeNShi: gimme a hint
JCsGirl2488: we share it with 5 people
Majestic820: just tell him seph
Majestic820: he'll never get it
GaijinSeNShi: heh
Majestic820: no offense
JCsGirl2488: begins with an n.....
GaijinSeNShi: well
GaijinSeNShi: is it a band?
JCsGirl2488: nsync
JCsGirl2488: yup
GaijinSeNShi: thats what i thought
JCsGirl2488: :-D
GaijinSeNShi: i was actually gonna guess that
GaijinSeNShi: heh
JCsGirl2488: cool
GaijinSeNShi: why are you sharing a house with nsync
JCsGirl2488: they us
Majestic820: well, actually, sepjra's a little more friendly with them then i am
Majestic820: you mean you
Majestic820: im too sophisticated for that!
JCsGirl2488: but i see u eyein justin up
JCsGirl2488: u want him so bad
You have just entered room "Majestic820 Chat19."
JCsGirl2488: he scare them all away
Majestic820: why did u leave
GaijinSeNShi: i got kicked off
JCsGirl2488: ohhhh, he came back
Majestic820: oh ok
JCsGirl2488: we thought you got scared of our conversations too
Majestic820: you see...*NSYNC rent sephra
JCsGirl2488: and you
JCsGirl2488: *and
Majestic820: nuh uh! i don't get paid
JCsGirl2488: u should
JCsGirl2488: well, u got a whole team
JCsGirl2488: u don't need 5 more guys
Majestic820: well justin does it with me for free
Majestic820: i let him
JCsGirl2488: lol
JCsGirl2488: i was just gonna say that
Majestic820: eric, ya still there?
JCsGirl2488: oh, don't say anything else, eric how old r u?
JCsGirl2488: cuz if ur, like, 9, then leave the chat
Majestic820: and then i'll tell you about my job
JCsGirl2488: lol
Majestic820: you're gonna be like, =-O
JCsGirl2488: lol
Majestic820: you see.......
Majestic820: i also rent myself out...
Majestic820: to the yankees
JCsGirl2488: lol
JCsGirl2488: that's why they're doin so well
Majestic820: really seph, thats where its at
Majestic820: its all with the older guys
Majestic820: ooh yeah baby
Majestic820: besides justin
Majestic820: whos the best, out of *NSYNC?
JCsGirl2488: i'd say JC
Majestic820: never tried him
Majestic820: really? he seems sort of shy
JCsGirl2488: stay away from him
JCsGirl2488: he's mine
Majestic820: don't worry, i got a whole baseball team!!!
JCsGirl2488: lol
Majestic820: to keep me satisfied
JCsGirl2488: u crack me up
Majestic820: hehehe
Majestic820: but im thinking about branching out.....maybe the mest too
Majestic820: mets
JCsGirl2488: ohhhh
JCsGirl2488: Mike Hampton....sizzle sizzle
Majestic820: Mike Piazza..hmm hmm good!
JCsGirl2488: lol
JCsGirl2488: u dirty girl
Majestic820: hehe:-*
JCsGirl2488: want me to do you, eric?
Majestic820: but nobody can top the yankees in bed
JCsGirl2488: only $124
JCsGirl2488: lol
JCsGirl2488: we're so dirty
JCsGirl2488: eric, ya still there?
Majestic820: :-*
JCsGirl2488: ERIC!
JCsGirl2488: ANSWER ME!
JCsGirl2488: sorry
JCsGirl2488: ok, that's it, im raisin ur charge to $160
Majestic820: i can do this one thing to you that i did to derek jeter if u want....the man couldn't stop squeling for hours
JCsGirl2488: hehe
JCsGirl2488: i remember u told me about that
Majestic820: any takers?
JCsGirl2488: eric, u should go for it
Majestic820: actually i don't
Majestic820: wait sorry wrong IM
shootingstar836 has entered the room.
shootingstar836 has left the room.
JCsGirl2488: oh, there goes Marcia
Majestic820: too bad
Majestic820: she really needs to put some spice in her sex life
JCsGirl2488: ur tellin me
JCsGirl2488: she 's pathetic
JCsGirl2488: i's sad
JCsGirl2488 has left the room.
Majestic820 has left the room.

[Private] Karystal: "And I was just trying to explain that normally, that's not supposed to happen. That's a glitch with that character."
[Private] Karystal: "Rather nasty of you to be so insistant about something that nearly everyone was trying to make a point of. Saying that it's not right because it's always been that way. But I dropped it cause I was tired of being told I'm wrong when I myself have had my character retired and demonic and never kept personal fame. But whatever."
[Private] Karystal: "I'm not mad at you Isenghar. I never was. The conversation bugged me, not you personally."
[Private] Karystal: "stop apologizing or I'll have to find you and give you a good bite on the tushie ;)"
[Private] Karystal: "I see.. you WANT me to bite you.. is that it? <giggles>"
[Private] Karystal: "I'll just have to do that then"

LunaSenshi: free will. its pathetic.
GaijinSeNShi: thinking ya know the inner workings of the universe based on really nothing at all is pathetic.
LunaSenshi: thinking you can oppose me on the subject is equally pathetic
LunaSenshi: besides
LunaSenshi: i never said i knew
LunaSenshi: i said.. this is what it could be like
GaijinSeNShi: ok
GaijinSeNShi: well
GaijinSeNShi: if ya wanna knock free will
LunaSenshi: *kisses*
GaijinSeNShi: bah
GaijinSeNShi: get away from me
LunaSenshi: love you too.
GaijinSeNShi: it's not that you don't have free will, it's just that it is figured into destiny all along
LunaSenshi: *shrugs*
LunaSenshi: well
LunaSenshi: does either one of us have proof?
GaijinSeNShi: i think the point is that regardless of what you say, i wouldn't be exactly who i am now if i didn't learn my techniques with women from al bundy and guybrush threepwood
LunaSenshi: i dunno
LunaSenshi: hehehe
LunaSenshi: oh ok
LunaSenshi: so my theory, that youre just the reinacarnatiuon of don juan, doesnt appeal
GaijinSeNShi: but then again, whose to say? ;)

lady loral: Hi!
lady loral: >dances<
lady loral: this guy i fucked a few months back (i dont remember his name) is commin from whittier to tap this ass
lady loral: i suddnely have the need to shave
lady loral: ta ta!

Lady loral: i cann a new person to fuck, "strange"
lady loral: like, niggers call is "game"
lady loral: it*
lady loral: I need to hook up some strange.  translated, i need to find someone new to fuck
GaijinSeNShi: wtmf?
GaijinSeNShi: ok
GaijinSeNShi: heh
lady loral: man, u are SO white E
lady loral: its sad
lady loral: not an ounce of ghetto in u
GaijinSeNShi: sorry :P
GaijinSeNShi: heh
GaijinSeNShi: i try to cuss a lot to make up for it, but oh well
GaijinSeNShi: hehe
lady loral: try and talk ghetto
lady loral: hahaha
GaijinSeNShi: um
GaijinSeNShi: :P
lady loral: :p is not ghetto
GaijinSeNShi: i think i'm gonna bomb simu
GaijinSeNShi: i'm not trying
GaijinSeNShi: what up my nigga
GaijinSeNShi: word
lady loral: u could have, im gona fuckin drop a mutherfukin bomb on simus punk ass
GaijinSeNShi: i'm gonna fuck some shit up down at the mother fuckin place
lady loral: word g, thoes punk ass bustaz don kno why the iz fuckin wit
GaijinSeNShi: damn straight foo
lady loral: no no
lady loral: u just had to say...
lady loral: word
GaijinSeNShi: word

GaijinSeNShi: heh
GaijinSeNShi: i love life
GaijinSeNShi: but sometimes i just want to cut people up with chainsaws
lady loral: yea, i hear ya

SOapBar666: why do women like jesus?
GaijinSeNShi: i dunno, why?
SOapBar666: hold your arms out like your crucifed
SOapBar666: got it?
SOapBar666: now...
GaijinSeNShi: ok
SOapBar666: say out loud
GaijinSeNShi: hehehe
GaijinSeNShi: i will tell that joke
GaijinSeNShi: and people will be offended
GaijinSeNShi: because i'll tell it in church
SOapBar666: LOL
SOapBar666: not even I would do that

MlkyMaiden: ugh
MlkyMaiden: I'm crampy
MlkyMaiden: ::whimper::
GaijinSenshi: <wacks your stomach with a croque mallet>
MlkyMaiden: oh..thanks
MlkyMaiden: much better now
MlkyMaiden: :-P
GaijinSenshi: welcome :-)
GaijinSenshi: see, men understand and can help!
MlkyMaiden: exactly!
GaijinSenshi: <gives you a hystorectomy>
MlkyMaiden: you just proved that perfectly
MlkyMaiden: ooh
MlkyMaiden: that would be nice
GaijinSenshi: see
GaijinSenshi: i know whats up
MlkyMaiden: I'm never gonna have kids anyway
GaijinSenshi: why?
GaijinSenshi: little lisalings
MlkyMaiden: oh no no no no
MlkyMaiden: NEVER!
GaijinSenshi: why?
GaijinSenshi: come on
GaijinSenshi: it'll be fun
GaijinSenshi: you, me, a doctor to do the tranfer, 6 monthes later, you have a cute little nihilistic baby
GaijinSenshi: (cute from you)
GaijinSenshi: (nihilist from me)
MlkyMaiden: LOL
MlkyMaiden: hmm
MlkyMaiden: that owuld be nice I admit
MlkyMaiden: a little eric/lisa running around
GaijinSenshi: yeah
MlkyMaiden: spreading havoc
MlkyMaiden: MUWAHAHA
GaijinSenshi: with a katana and a love for women, the eric/lisa baby wanders the earth searching for it's destiny
GaijinSenshi: 'course if you don't like doctors there always the old fashioned way :-)
MlkyMaiden: hmm
MlkyMaiden: must admit, it'd be a little more fun ;-)
GaijinSenshi: lesbians are cool

SinisterVWgurlie:  My guess wouldnt find a pizza place named, Jesus Crust funny, would you?
 WannaliveforGod:  mildly

 SinisterVWgurlie:  ooh, he does have a sense of humor!
 WannaliveforGod:  slightly
 WannaliveforGod:  im too horny right now
 SinisterVWgurlie:  why is my little baby horny?
 WannaliveforGod:  i looked at the pics of u
 SinisterVWgurlie:  oh my
 SinisterVWgurlie:  I am coveted
 SinisterVWgurlie:  right on!

lady loral: GOD
lady loral: this guy
lady loral: is so
lady loral: nice
lady loral: and sweet
lady loral: and charming
lady loral: gah
lady loral: im gona destroy him
lady loral: send that mutherfukker STRAIGHT to hell

GaijinSenshi: i've seen a horse cock that was erect
GaijinSenshi: i was like
GaijinSenshi: god damn
GaijinSenshi: thats a big mother fucking cock
GaijinSenshi: you could load a cannon with that cock
Josh JKM: heh
Josh JKM: yeah
Josh JKM: it would take a big fat whore to take a horse cock
Josh JKM: you can see it happen online
Josh JKM: hehehheh
GaijinSenshi: hahaha
GaijinSenshi: i love the internet

GaijinSenshi: who the mother fuck are you?
Hidden Reznor: a random person
Hidden Reznor: who are you?
GaijinSenshi: a nihilist
Hidden Reznor: hey me too
Hidden Reznor: what are the odds
GaijinSenshi: 1:1

 GaijinSenshi: you're the man, heh
SOapBar666: Oh YEH
GaijinSenshi: check this out
SOapBar666: what
GaijinSenshi: we fucking drove all over looking for it
SOapBar666: and?
GaijinSenshi: and finally i gave up and was like, fuck it
GaijinSenshi: so i was driving home..
GaijinSenshi: and remembered one more place
GaijinSenshi: so we went down there
GaijinSenshi: and we got the cigars
GaijinSenshi: and my buddy fucking started talking to this rad girl that was at the gas station, and we got her number and she has a friend
SOapBar666: HAHAHA
SOapBar666: you ogts more than cigars
GaijinSenshi: we're supposed to call them tonight
SOapBar666: woo... how bout the black n milds, they alright too?
GaijinSenshi: you are the mother fucking hand of destiny
GaijinSenshi: yeah, they were sweet :-)
SOapBar666: HAHAHA
GaijinSenshi: hmm  theres 1 condom left
GaijinSenshi: heh
SOapBar666: OUCH
SOapBar666: that sucks
GaijinSenshi: and my friend just took it too
GaijinSenshi: :-(
SOapBar666: use a tube sock
SOapBar666: hehe
GaijinSenshi: haha
GaijinSenshi: i'll just get her pregnant
SOapBar666: yah
SOapBar666: thats the nihilists guide to sex right there
GaijinSenshi: haha
SOapBar666: one sentence
GaijinSenshi: holy shit
GaijinSenshi: hahahhhhhhahhahaha

Mehakoi: my toilet just broke
Mehakoi: didn't overflow
GaijinSenshi: you broke it?
Mehakoi: just cracked in half
Mehakoi: no
Mehakoi: i wasn't even near it
Mehakoi: iu haven't used it all day
Mehakoi: just cracked for no reason
GaijinSenshi: like physically broken
GaijinSenshi: any fat people at your house
Mehakoi: no
Mehakoi: its the one in my room
Mehakoi: nobody has used it ever
Mehakoi: cause i don't clean it often
Mehakoi: so even i don't use it
GaijinSenshi: ew..
Mehakoi: heh
Mehakoi: not that BAD

Hyperborea: you know, i had a dream a few days ago that i was giving head to my friend Lindsay
Hyperborea: she's a girl.
Hyperborea: but in the dream. she had a leetle penis too.
Hyperborea: and that, my good friend, made all the fucking difference.
GaijinSenshi: well
GaijinSenshi: clitori (plural form of clitoris) are just unformed penises
GaijinSenshi: which means
GaijinSenshi: if you sorta think about it that way
GaijinSenshi: if you go down on a chick, you're licking her dick
GaijinSenshi: and everytime i think of that, i'm all ewwwwwwww
Hyperborea: i was thinking the penis is actually an enlarged sense of vagina
Hyperborea: seeing as how males are the mutant-sex of the species
GaijinSenshi: well think about it this way
GaijinSenshi: what possible function would a clitoris be reproductively except to be developed into a penis
Hyperborea: i know... that's why i got mike's penis-pump box and am sending my friend shannon a birthday present.
Hyperborea: a metaphor for: i want to suck your dick, Shannon.
GaijinSenshi: hahahaha

anti anti pook: how come you didnt enter the haiku contest
GaijinSenshi: sorrowful echoes
sleep forever in my mind
awaken in solitude
GaijinSenshi: hows that
anti anti pook: okay
anti anti pook: *enters it*
anti anti pook: shirt size?
GaijinSenshi: i won?
anti anti pook: everyones a winner!

G a iji nSen Shi: i'm going to paint a self portrait
SO ap B ar666: post it online when your done
G a iji nSen Shi: it's gonna be of me, sitting on a dock, smoking a joint and going fishing
G a iji nSen Shi: and the title is gonna be: armageddon
G a iji nSen Shi: or something like that :
G a iji nSen Shi: :-)
SO ap B ar666: fun
G a iji nSen Shi: cause when the world ends
G a iji nSen Shi: thats how i want to be
SO ap B ar666: i'd rather be fishing
SO ap B ar666: oh wait
SO ap B ar666: you ARE fishing
SO ap B ar666: I like to have a girl I loved there
G a iji nSen Shi: maybe to get the beer
SO ap B ar666: I have a frend who brews his own beer
SO ap B ar666: but he used to distill it wrongf
SO ap B ar666: and still drink it
SO ap B ar666: so now he's a little crazy
G a iji nSen Shi: hahaha
SO ap B ar666: but he's cool
G a iji nSen Shi: sounds awesome
G a iji nSen Shi: haha

opheliamaeve: you like anna ...
opheliamaeve: ughh
gaijinsenshi: and whats wrong with anna?
opheliamaeve: nothing
gaijinsenshi: obviously something
gaijinsenshi: lets hear it
opheliamaeve: no
gaijinsenshi: yes
gaijinsenshi: tell me
gaijinsenshi: obey

gaijinsenshi: why don't you like anna kournakova!!
opheliamaeve: why does it matter?
gaijinsenshi: cause i'm curious
opheliamaeve: cause you're nuts
opheliamaeve: now quit it
gaijinsenshi: no no no
gaijinsenshi: i'm really just curious
gaijinsenshi: it drives me nuts when people won't tell me something stupid like this
opheliamaeve: because she's a blonde
gaijinsenshi: i don't like her, it's a joke because she's just some random girl, i don't watch tennis, i don't even think she's hot
opheliamaeve: then who is hot if she isn't?
gaijinsenshi: hmm
gaijinsenshi: daphny :-)

gaijinsenshi: too bad our governmet sucks
RJ 4plays 2: no shit, i dont even know if its worse or better with bush
gaijinsenshi: you can't tell
gaijinsenshi: no one can
gaijinsenshi: there is no government
gaijinsenshi: heh
gaijinsenshi: there's just the police
RJ 4plays 2: haha
gaijinsenshi: fucking with us

CRE8TIVE36: Hey wazz up
gaijinsenshi: the ground
gaijinsenshi: yeah, i dunno what happened
gaijinsenshi: reality must have a glitch

gaijinsenshi: i wish i was black
Twocold 48: why
gaijinsenshi: cause they are the master race
Twocold 48: well i,m black

Hyperborea: would you die for me?
gaijinsenshi: yeah,do you need me to now?
gaijinsenshi: RIGHT NOW?
gaijinsenshi: ill do it
Hyperborea: woo!

LunaSenshi: do you want my right pinkie?
gaijinsenshi: why?
LunaSenshi: well, do you?
gaijinsenshi: yes
LunaSenshi: thats sick eric
gaijinsenshi: i don't care, josh promised me his liver

gaijinsenshi: someday i'm gonna build a new person out of parts from all my friends
opheliamaeve: and name him what?
gaijinsenshi: monkeyman jim
opheliamaeve: LOL

GaijinSenshi: i'm EMBARRASSED
Ninja Fetish: aw
Ninja Fetish: why
Ninja Fetish: IVE PORKED YOU
GaijinSenshi: i dunno
Ninja Fetish: ive been liek -7 inches away from your penis
GaijinSenshi: hahahahhaa
Ninja Fetish: and you're embarressed to show me 450 miles away

GaijinSenshi: i want to go to palace park with you
SmileyByte: :-D
SmileyByte: you're going to have to wait in line
SmileyByte: ::points to the end::
SmileyByte: oh, what's this?
SmileyByte: you have a special adunai pass?
SmileyByte: why didn't you say so in teh first place
SmileyByte: ::takes you to the front::
GaijinSenshi: yay!!! :-) :-) :-)

Kimmy: It was my DKNY themed shopping trip
Kimmy: I <3 Donna Karan's designs
GaijinSenshi: haha
GaijinSenshi: *sigh*
GaijinSenshi: girls man..
Kimmy: Come on, I got these three cute DKNY cute calvin klein one.....these really fucking kickass black dkny pants that come with this thick, matching material belt that like...hugs your hips
Kimmy: and some of those little DKNY slip on sneaker things
Kimmy: and some DKNY socks
Kimmy: lmao yes, DKNY socks
Kimmy: I thought they'd look cute with the sneaker slip ont hings
GaijinSenshi: oh yeah, i love pants like that, they make my butt look so sexy, i get stares from guys all the time *swoon* specially when i wear that black low neck tank top *yeow!*
GaijinSenshi: shows off my cleavage nicelyt
GaijinSenshi: and i got the cutest shoes to match
GaijinSenshi: they are black with little strap things
GaijinSenshi: death to videodrome, long live the new flesh *shoots self in the head*

* TrivBot What is the manatee's closest relative?
<isengharo> sea lion
<isengharo> seal
<KuRtAngL3> whale
<isengharo> walrus
<isengharo> human
<isengharo> cow
<KuRtAngL3> dog
<isengharo> mermaid
<KuRtAngL3> bird
<isengharo> monkey
<KuRtAngL3> moose
<TrivBot>  * * * *  TIME'S  UP  * * * *
<TrivBot> ***************************
<TrivBot> Answer: Elephant
<TrivBot> ***************************

GaijinSenshi: we should make patriot t-shirts, they'd sell like crazy right now if designed right
GaijinSenshi: we need to exploit national tragedy for profit instead of just humor like i have been for the last 2 weeks
Jetfuelpsycho: yeah
Jetfuelpsycho: put a flag on a piece of dog shit and you could sell it for 5 bucks
GaijinSenshi: i know, exactly.  okay, lets go to it

GaijinSenshi: we could even donates  part of the proceeds to redcross
GaijinSenshi: like sell the shirts for 20, donate 5, make a 10 dollar profit
Jetfuelpsycho: no more like 5 %
Jetfuelpsycho: lol
Jetfuelpsycho: rob frommthe patriotic give to us
GaijinSenshi: nihilists shall inheret the earth

Jetfuelpsycho: the meek shall inherit the earth after the strong have raped it for all its worth
GaijinSenshi: :P
GaijinSenshi: nihilists shall inheret the earth, because there will be no one else left

lady loral: the other fish is at the top
lady loral: with this coccoon around it
lady loral: its fuckin nasty
GaijinSenshi: its in its pupa stage
GaijinSenshi: it's going through metamorphisis
lady loral: oh, so its not really dead?
lady loral: well shit, ill leave that sucker in there and see what happens
GaijinSenshi: yeah, it'll turn into like
GaijinSenshi: a little goblin or something
GaijinSenshi: some unearthly fish demon
lady loral: fuck yeah
lady loral: now thats a pet
GaijinSenshi: hahahhahhaa

Ninja Fetish: my throaaaaaaaaat
GaijinSenshi: whats wrong baby?
Ninja Fetish: it hurts
Ninja Fetish: :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
GaijinSenshi: gargle
GaijinSenshi: with saltwater
Ninja Fetish: nooooooooooooooooo
Ninja Fetish: i  hate that
GaijinSenshi: DO IT
GaijinSenshi: i command you
GaijinSenshi: obey
Ninja Fetish: :-(

Ninja Fetish: lauren can you get me a warm glass with soem salt water
Ninja Fetish: i mean
Ninja Fetish: a glass
Ninja Fetish: with warm salt water
laurenfluty: ok
Ninja Fetish: so i can gargle it
laurenfluty: how much
Ninja Fetish: just a glassful
Ninja Fetish: thanks

GaijinSenshi: guess what
Ninja Fetish: what
GaijinSenshi: sitting on the fountain when i was waiting for kevin was 3-4 midgit couples
GaijinSenshi: i was like AWWWWWW
Ninja Fetish: heheeh
GaijinSenshi: they were all sharing ice cream
GaijinSenshi: i wanted to be like "I LOVE YOU ALL! YOU'RE ALL MY NEW BESTFRIENDS!!"
Ninja Fetish: you should have
Ninja Fetish: i would have
GaijinSenshi: but id idnt want to, cause i didnt want to make them feel like freaks
GaijinSenshi: the freaks that they ARE
GaijinSenshi: jk
Ninja Fetish: i need to make new friends
Ninja Fetish: i need a midget friend
GaijinSenshi: we all do, baby

GaijinSenshi: are you on Everybuddy right now?
Josh JKM: yes
Josh JKM: i am
GaijinSenshi: how is it compared to AIM
Josh JKM: much the same
Josh JKM: as in almost exactly
Josh JKM: except minus a few features
Josh JKM: like the news and stock ticker
GaijinSenshi: maybe i'll switch over
GaijinSenshi: what about buddy icon?hah
Josh JKM: nope
Josh JKM: none of those
Josh JKM: hmmm
Josh JKM: why switch
GaijinSenshi: casue i have ICQ only friends
Josh JKM: i only use it because it has icq and msn on it too
GaijinSenshi: and i hate icq
Josh JKM: ah
Josh JKM: then it might be a good idea
GaijinSenshi: i could just not be friends with those people anymore
GaijinSenshi: pretty much its a choice between a couple good friends and buddyicons with AIM
Josh JKM: hmmm
Josh JKM: tough decision
GaijinSenshi: not really, i'm stickin with AIM

Ninja Fetish: upload now
Ninja Fetish: nowwnwonwonwownwownnoooooooow
GaijinSenshi: no
Ninja Fetish: okay.
GaijinSenshi: "i hate it when my bitch tells me what to do" *smacks you*
Ninja Fetish: ow!
Ninja Fetish: bastard
Ninja Fetish: dont get overly controlling, ill buy a gat
GaijinSenshi: its cute when you get tough
GaijinSenshi: i bet you'll be real cute after i knock out one of your teeth

Ninja Fetish: yeah i bet your bill for replacing my tooth will be really cute too
GaijinSenshi: maybe i should knock out more then a tooth then, eh
Ninja Fetish: maybe you should shut the fuck up
GaijinSenshi: maybe you should learn your fucking place

GaijinSenshi: aww, im sorry baby
Ninja Fetish: hahhaha
GaijinSenshi: i'm just teasing
GaijinSenshi: :-)
Ninja Fetish: yeah
GaijinSenshi: i love you so much
Ninja Fetish: me too
GaijinSenshi: i would like..
Ninja Fetish: you know i love you
GaijinSenshi: kiss your feet
GaijinSenshi: right now
GaijinSenshi: i love you that much
GaijinSenshi: for no reason i would kiss your feet!
GaijinSenshi: *kisses them*
Ninja Fetish: dont TOUCH my feet
Ninja Fetish: stay AWAAAAAAAAAY from my feet
GaijinSenshi: why?
GaijinSenshi: what else can i kiss instead then?
Ninja Fetish: because they're icky
Ninja Fetish: hmm
Ninja Fetish: i could name plenty of places
GaijinSenshi: i like your feet, you have beautiful feet!
GaijinSenshi: your neck? :-)
Ninja Fetish: thats a good one
Ninja Fetish: I HAVE UGLY FEET
Ninja Fetish: my lips
GaijinSenshi: no your feet are my goddesses, and you are their queen
GaijinSenshi: i like kissing your lips
GaijinSenshi: *kisses your lips*
Ninja Fetish: w00t
Ninja Fetish: you're so c00t

Ninja Fetish: everything i say is worth quoting because I AM OMNIPOTENT

 <kblom> if I had my way, I'd ban "absolute" or "perfect" just like i would ban the f-word
<Overman`> kblom by banning absolute and perfect you would be banning god
<Jaevin> yeah
<Jaevin> absolute and perfect are poignant words when used correctly
<kblom> overm   what is "God" doing in philosophy? That word belongs in #bible
<Jaevin> you'd prolly ban everything you disagree with if you had the chance too, eh?
<Jaevin> god has a lot to do with philosophy.
<kblom> jae  since when?
<Jaevin> god is a function of existance if you are a believer, and philosophy is, i believe, the search for the nature of existance
<Jaevin> so saying you would ban anything that was needed to express opinions and ideas is taking away freedom of expression of thought
<kblom>   given what usual rubbish passes for godtalk, I'd send it to #simian
<Overman`> kb now you are talking, if God does not dicate the values, why anyone should follow the *dictator* of such values
<Jaevin> and with your talk of god as nothing, and banning freedom, you should head to #commie