Once upon a time, i was walking through the halls of the temple to oblivion in the 27th dimension when i had the sensation of being followed.  I stopped and tried to play it cool, but the tension in the air was palpable, whatever it was, it gave off a tangible aura of ominous dread.  I glanced around nervously, when out of the shadows behind me, something seeped into existance.  It slowly trickled from the shadows and took shape and form and before i had a chance to run or gather my wits, it had completed its manifestation.  The Every Thing had arrived.  I thought the Thing was just myth, a legend,  a complete fiction, but there it stood before me as real and true as anything (which isn't very real or true, but its real and true enough).  It's skin was the dull flat black of infinity,  giving the impression of shifting while staying the same.  Its eyes glimmered with a fiery light that i did not recognize, like liquid fire, but not quite.  I was petrified with a curiousity bordering on fear, but i stood my ground.  Running from a beast like the Every Thing was inviting it to attack.

It spoke:
"I am the hunter, the all, the revolution, and the spoke of the wheel of existance. I am the Every Thing, it is your time and i have come for you." its voice seemed not to come from it but from everything else BUT it.  the walls, the floor, even my body (and soul?) spoke these words while the Every Thing stood silent.

"who are you and why have you come for me?" i asked it.  It paced back and forth like a lion, staring at me with a piercing gaze as if trying to find the proper angle to attack.

"I am the Every Thing, and you must re-enter the cycle, you must be CONSUMED so you can be reborn." the Every Things spoke while contuining its pace in a dance like rythm, its talons clacking against the ivory white floor of the tower. 

"So CONSUME me then," i said, raising my arms into the air.  A creature like this was too righteous to be reasoned with, i realized.

It paused a moment, just a half second of hesitation before it leaped into the air and was upon me.  I moved to slip its strike but it seemed to envelop me like a blanket or net, what was once a beast of limited size had seemed to become limitless.  all around me was the Every Thing, and I fell down against the ground.  Its flesh was cold on my skin as it pressed into me and the blackness leaked like liquid underneith and soon there was no white floor at all.  All around me was the infinite black.  time seemed to no longer apply to me.  I could feel myself being melted away, being consumed.  My awareness of time and being faded, and my existance seemed to have consisted of  being devoured and digested for eternity and it was all i had and knew.   Then, i felt myself slipping away and I felt like i was nothing at all.  I was no longer aware of ever being anything. 

9 monthes later i was born.

and here i am.