this is a scan off a low quality photocopy of my original drawing. 
It'd take some major covert ops action to acquire the original, which
is MUCH better. But good luck on that one.
i see you
i doodled this like 12980143123 times and then i decided to draw a nice version..  haven't drawn it since
i live here
this is ball point pen on notebook paper, scanned and photoshopped.  if you can't see it
the sail on the little ship bares the symbol of the Black Infinity. 
theres two types of people in the world
Clint Eastwood.
This drawing got me a job at a flowershop.  No joke!
i had a dream
biomechanical chambered nautilus. 
I had a weird dream where I was in a pet store and in the back room there was a chambered nautilus in
a tank, and it was speaking to me telepathically.  it told me that it was an ancient being that was trapped
long ago and that I was the only one that could save it.  As a I got closer, an employee told me that the
nautilus was evil and just trying to screw with my mind.

a treehouse
there once was a frog
A frog named Lee
My brother wanted a frog smoking a pipe sitting on a mushroom (no comment)
So i drew him this. 
wahhh wahhhh
Maybe this is Baby beremus
View from LeFevre Second floor at COTC/OSU newark campus
shakespeare in love... with your mom
Shakespear, as seen in the Reese Center.
Biomechanical Squid
So i have an electronic tentacles fetish.. leave me alone
lets go fishing
Hut by the Lake
An old monk lives here and fishes off that little dock. 

knock knock, jerk.  open up!!!
I live here.
classic art.  gag..
Still Life 1
I am an ARTIST!!! just kidding.
i could use an apple, im hungry
still life 2
my first ever charcoal.
Inspired by a picture Alan took on vacation
caw caw call me
notice the footprints walking away
Theres two kinds of people in the world, those with a noose around their neck,
and those with a gun to shoot them down

Misc. Random stuff
come and burn me down    alas, steizer, i knew him welldoodledoodlewee

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