"All you fat-ass bitches better listen..."
  -  Ghandi
      (from 'Mahatma Takes Manhattan')

Ghandi, after bringing peace and independance to india, decides to move to new york to finally pursue his life long dream of becoming a pimp.  When he arrived at the airport, he met "The Snake" an old pimp who was going to die soon and was looking for an eager new entrapenuer to take his place.  The Snake had been contacted by the Indian government and was willing to give over his harem to Muhatma, as long as Ghandi promised to take good care of them, and keep up the honor and respect the snake had earned for his business.  The Snake had with him "Shiela", his hottest ghetto hoe.

While driving back to the snakes house, he decided to teach Ghandi some of the basics of being a pimp.  Shiela had not yet given her last nights take to the Snake, and so he told Ghandi to try his hand at getting the money.
"Excuse me, Miss Shiela, i would be most gracious if you would give me your last nights payment for giving out sex" tried Ghandi
"No no no, man, that ai'nt right, you gotta do it like this:  Listen here bitch, where's my money?" the Snake replied
"Ok, i think i have it, Miss shiela, give me the money for last night, you bitch"
Shiela shook her head and laughed.
"You'll get it."  laughed the Snake.

After many monthes of working for the Snake as his Luitenant, Ghandi has learned the ways of pimping.  He learned how to get money from hoes, and how to beat up people who messed with his girls.  He knew how to discipline hoes who gave out freebies.  All this knowledge that had once been alien to him was becoming familiar, and his dream of becoming an american pimp was finally being relized.  He felt a sense of accomplishment he had never before knew.

Finally the day came when the snake was going to the great street corner in the sky, he gave Ghandi his cane and the keys to his pimp mobile, gave his retinue of whores one kiss a piece, and passed away.  While Mahatma was sad at the loss of his friend and mentor, he was also excited at having the chance to run things on his own.
"Alright you kinky bitches and hoes, get out there and make some money" he told them, wrapping his sheet around himself.

One day some strong men from another rival pimp came to "visit" Ghandi.  They busted through the door and were going to beat him up. However, Mahatma had much experience dealing with bullies in his fight for india, and quickly used his skills at non-violent intervention to stop them from hurting him.  He quickly tought them the true ways,and of the love of shiva, the true god.  Now these strong arms were tough guys, but they weren't stupid, and they realized Ghandi's greatness.  They decided to become his bodyguards, so that they could protect him and he could teach them of the loving ways of god.

Ghandi's skills as a pimp were greatly admired, and his ability to convert loyal hitmen and bodyguards of opposing pimps became famous.  Soon other pimps were offering to join him, which he accepted.  Mahatma quickly became the head pimp of New York, he had over 2000 hoes, with 210 luitentants.

There is no point to this story, except, always believe in what your dream is, and it can come true.
also, i apologize for writing it, and if you read the whole thing, i'm sorry you did.
the humor was dead after the first paragraph