<SplJmnRam> eat it my black negro brothers, we must stand against the white opression, it's like the sun darkening the dark side of the moon, groove, you know what i'm saying you know what i'm talking about move and move and groove what can i say except word.  and Nihilism.
<ShowerMan> crapilation
<ShowerMan> eat it my black negro brothers?
<katzchen> is that a word..?
* ShowerMan is like shakespeare and often coins words to better represent his emotion
<ShowerMan> isn't a black negro brother somewhat duplicitous
<ShowerMan> ????
<katzchen> well, if crapilation..is not a word..it should be
<SplJmnRam> crapilation is pretty..uh.. not cool
<katzchen> oh..
<SplJmnRam> yeah
<ShowerMan> its a compound word
<SplJmnRam> so you see.
<SplJmnRam> if things aren't cool, then you shouldn't use them
<ShowerMan> derived from "crap" and"compilation" used to describe a collection of junk
<ShowerMan> we mock what we don't understand
<katzchen> I have never been schooled in things cool...so, thanks for warning..Ram
<doomit> understand what you don't understand
<doomit> insted of mocking what shouldn't be mocked
<SplJmnRam> yeah
<SplJmnRam> you should learn the ways of going with the water, instead of letting the wave crash over your head
<doomit> insted walk into it, and never come back out
<ShowerMan> besides who made you the head judge of coolness?
<SplJmnRam> The Creator
<ShowerMan> lord high ruler of the cool?
<doomit> its your mind isn't it?
<ShowerMan> you sound rather pompous
<SplJmnRam> Yo yo
<SplJmnRam> i'm da spell jammin ram
<doomit> shouldn't we all like just decide bah the whole idea of "cool" causes to much sadness anyway
<ShowerMan> perhaps doomit
<SplJmnRam> here's another little thing i wrote about this situation:
<doomit> screw being cool,
<SplJmnRam> if it don't flow then it don't go, and you gotta watch out for whats commin atcha cause when it's commin atcha it's gonna getcha.  You have to jam to the jammin to the groove on the move, and you have to flow like ice before you can feel the fire.. word.
<doomit> its hit and im still standing
<SplJmnRam> den, you da man, negro
<doomit> and i hate it
<doomit> im a white boy,
<doomit> :P
<SplJmnRam> why hate
<SplJmnRam> ?
<doomit> i hate what hit me,
<doomit> i hate it cause it shot me down, ive never gotten back up again
<doomit> ive been around, standing
<doomit> but outa the loo[
<doomit> loop
<SplJmnRam> what hit you my brother man
<doomit> the idea of cool hit me, and all of everything hip and trendy hit me
<SplJmnRam> flow like water, and you won't sink
<SplJmnRam> why would you not want to be cool?
<ShowerMan> i am cool
<SplJmnRam> coolness is, what it is..it's a state of mind, it's a lack of contention
<doomit> because the cool people hurt me so much
<ShowerMan> heheh
<SplJmnRam> you are cool
<doomit> rather not live like that
<katzchen> what is..cool?
<ShowerMan> did they poke you with sticks doomit?
<SplJmnRam> <high five showman>
<doomit> if you call it sticks
<doomit> thats your metaphor for it
<SplJmnRam> doomit, if you were cool, then you wouldn't be poked wit dem sticks boy
<doomit> i give up
<doomit> someone else explain it to him
<SplJmnRam> you can't
<SplJmnRam> give up
<SplJmnRam> something that you don't have
<doomit> one more shot
<ShowerMan> hehehe
<SplJmnRam> thats what they always say
<SplJmnRam> "one more shot" but there's always one more shot
<SplJmnRam> one last brief hope
<SplJmnRam> that someone somewhere will understand
<SplJmnRam> but you know
<ShowerMan> people need to realize that individualism will always take precedent to social pressure
<ShowerMan> it just takes strength and courage
<ShowerMan> hehehe
* Tiniap returns to the room
<doomit> and the ability to take pain
<doomit> without any reason
<SplJmnRam> i'm just a 27th dimension spell jammin ram, I'm just here to show off my grooves, and maybe bust a move or two
<SplJmnRam> there is no pain
<SplJmnRam> why feel pain?
<SplJmnRam> pain is bad?
<SplJmnRam> yes
<doomit> then you don't live like i do
<SplJmnRam> learn from your mistakes
<SplJmnRam> and move on
<doomit> and i can't explain why i am to you
<doomit> sorry dude
<SplJmnRam> if you carry the load, things can get heavy
* doomit breakes his back
<doomit> ow
<SplJmnRam> you won't break me
<SplJmnRam> all is black
<SplJmnRam> but i still see..
*** Li has joined #poetry
<SplJmnRam> cut me down
<SplJmnRam> knock me to the floor
<SplJmnRam> shoot me up
<SplJmnRam> f*ck me like a whore..
<SplJmnRam> gospels of rage
<SplJmnRam> factions of hate
<SplJmnRam> deviate from the absolute
<SplJmnRam> born of revenge
<SplJmnRam> raised on cement
<SplJmnRam> chaos created government
<SplJmnRam> i made a god out of blood
<SplJmnRam> not superiority
<SplJmnRam> i killed the king of deciet
<SplJmnRam> wake me up in anarchy
<SplJmnRam> -
<SplJmnRam> do you understand now my white bred brother?
<SplJmnRam> i just want to dance a little bit before things get too rough
<SplJmnRam> we simply must do what we have to
<doomit> i understand 1 thing, you have to live it, to know it
<doomit> nuff said
<SplJmnRam> you are in the place you make for yourself
*** Li has left #poetry
<SplJmnRam> if you didn't enjoy it there, you woulnd't be there
<SplJmnRam> you are caught in a niche of your own sadness
<SplJmnRam> let it out brother, let it out, and the truth will set you free
<SplJmnRam> trust me friend
<SplJmnRam> i know
<SplJmnRam> i've been down there
<SplJmnRam> i've been in the depth's of hell
<SplJmnRam> i've seen those eyes glarin, and that breath a stirin
<SplJmnRam> i know what it's like
<SplJmnRam> but you have to remember
<SplJmnRam> that beast is just like you
<SplJmnRam> it's your friend
<SplJmnRam> you don't want to hurt it or fight it
<SplJmnRam> you just want things to be cool
<SplJmnRam> and so does that there beast
<doomit> done that
<doomit> tryin to figure out
<SplJmnRam> so let itout of it's cage, and let it run around, and maybe, it wouldn't be so angry
<doomit> how to be again
<katzchen> it is silly to rage against a machine...you ..have to woo it..
*** Tiniap has left #poetry
<SplJmnRam> you know what happens when I use my rainbow colored horns to rip myself into an alternate dimension, and i wind up fighting some big machine?
<SplJmnRam> i spit on my hands
<SplJmnRam> and i rage against that beast
<SplJmnRam> with there here hooves
<SplJmnRam> and it dies
<SplJmnRam> and you can hear it dying, all them whistles
<SplJmnRam> and all them screaching
<SplJmnRam> people say machines don't live, but thatt ain't true
<SplJmnRam> cause you can see it die.
* SplJmnRam eats a can
<doomit> i gotta sleep
<doomit> at least there everyone understands
<SplJmnRam> sleep well friend
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<doomit> cause its only me there
<SplJmnRam> remember
<doomit> and no one else to tell me i don't
<SplJmnRam> http://adunai.iwarp.com
*** doomit has quit IRC (the world is 010101)
*** nott has joined #poetry
<SplJmnRam> the kid even got the last part wrong
<SplJmnRam> 101010 = 42
<SplJmnRam> what kind of crack are you 3rd dimensioner's giving these kids nowa days
<SplJmnRam> don't you all know bout super crack?
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* Logging #poetry to '#poetry.log'
<SplJmnRam> so
<SplJmnRam> whats up my friends
<SplJmnRam> alright here's something else
<SplJmnRam> the adunai like it, they like it right, you can't fuck a fucker, cause you'd be askin fer a fight, and when the times are changing and when the life is comin quick you gotts to say to yourself, was it worth it?
<SplJmnRam> word.
<SplJmnRam> so what do you all think of my little rap here
<SplJmnRam> yo yo yo
<SplJmnRam> da spell jammin ram does not have to sit here and not be paid attention to
<katzchen> then pay us to pay attention..to ya..
*** Disconnected
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*** Now talking in #poetry
*** Topic is 'light my candles in a daze cause i've found god '
*** Set by ideath on Mon Oct 18 23:04:48
<Jaevin> hi
<Jaevin> it's cold
<Jaevin> i have a little poem for everyone
<Jaevin> it's called " a winter's chill"
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<Jaevin> i feel a chill
<Jaevin> it is so cold
<Jaevin> it makes me feel
<Jaevin> so very old
<Jaevin> and i keep trying
<Jaevin> to stay awake
*** Poet` has joined #poetry
<Jaevin> tomarrow i'll skate
<Jaevin> across the lake
<Jaevin> it is so very cold tonight
<Jaevin> for every breath i have to fight
<Jaevin> and maybe one more jacket will help
<Jaevin> i don't wnat to die like a little welp
<Jaevin> please make it warm
*** butete has joined #poetry
<Jaevin> i am so cold
<Jaevin> and then..
<Jaevin> i get warmer
<Jaevin> the world gets hot
<Jaevin> it gets so very very hot
<Jaevin> the metal glows red
<Jaevin> the fires crackling
<Jaevin> now i'm too hot!
<Jaevin> get me out of here
<Jaevin> but now
<Jaevin> there is no fear
<Jaevin> because everything is perfect here.
<Jaevin> the end
<Jaevin> :D
<Jaevin> so what do you all think?
<Jaevin> i was inspired by my grandmother, and because it's so cold tonight
<Jaevin> i really worked hard
<Jaevin> i'd like to know what you all though
<Jaevin> t
* Jaevin yawns
<Jaevin> hello?
*** VertiGoat has joined #poetry
<Jaevin> vertiRAM?
<Jaevin> oh, he left
<VertiGoat> nein
<Jaevin> NEIN
<Jaevin> you just missed my delightful poem
<katzchen> hey verti..are ya reading..tonite??
<Jaevin> that everyone so graciously didn't say anything about
<Jaevin> you guys are all a little bit too crazy for me
<Jaevin> honestly
<VertiGoat> i'm always reading..
<Jaevin> ecspecially katzchen
<VertiGoat> i'm reading portrait of the artist as a young man today
<Jaevin> he's a kinky kid
*** Poet` has left #poetry
*** monemt has joined #poetry
<katzchen> sorry..I meant..are you ...spewing..or whatever
<monemt> no, I'm not.
<monemt> but I am losing my vision
<Jaevin> thats what happens when you do it to much
<monemt> in a figurative sense
<Jaevin> you know
<VertiGoat> hehe
<Jaevin> erecting a shrine to the holy monkey
<VertiGoat> i can
<monemt> i can imagine
<monemt> I don't do it with monkeys
*** Jaevin is now known as SplJmnRam
<SplJmnRam> yo yo
<SplJmnRam> spell jammin ram in da houseeee
* SplJmnRam dances around
<monemt> how do you spell a house?  Recite incantations from the front porch.
<SplJmnRam> i spelled a house once
<SplJmnRam> it involved a big party
<SplJmnRam> and lots of robotussin
<SplJmnRam> daaammn
<SplJmnRam> now dat was a spell jammin house party
<monemt> Slipping in a paradox, like a well worn pair of docs.
<monemt> We increased our tolerance to escape the taller ants.
<monemt> um, I like those words..
<SplJmnRam> dem tall ants from the 12th dimension, is dat whatchoo talkin bout?
<monemt> I've never seen that movie I guess..
<SplJmnRam> what movie you talkin bout foo
<monemt> I've never seen a movie about tall ants
<SplJmnRam> i dunno if der is a movie bout tall antds
<SplJmnRam> them tall ants from the 12th dimension though
<SplJmnRam> them things are mean muther fuckers
<monemt> I thought you asked me if the ants were from a movie called the 12th dimensions.
<SplJmnRam> they like to take a ram like me and break off is horns like fortune cookie
<SplJmnRam> s
<monemt> an ant bit my eye-lid one time
<monemt> I was in the fifth grade.  stayed home from school 3 days.  eye swelled up huge
<SplJmnRam> but damn if they break my horns off, i'll give them a fortune, right up their reticochoochoo, if ya know what i mean
<SplJmnRam> heh
<SplJmnRam> really?
<SplJmnRam> from an ant
<monemt> yes really.
<SplJmnRam> little ants are nothign
<SplJmnRam> you scared a ants now?
<monemt> so is something else
<monemt> I only fear the unknown
<SplJmnRam> my aunt was a spell jammin walrus, she was married to da spell jammin bear
<SplJmnRam> damn i was scared of dat spell jammin bear
<SplJmnRam> good thing the adunai kilt that damn thing
<monemt> hey, I'm about to roll a cigarete and smoke outside in my car.
<SplJmnRam> you afraid of da unknown?
<SplJmnRam> what is unknown?
<monemt> The unknown represents a lack of control
<SplJmnRam> but
<SplJmnRam> someone must know it
<monemt> I believe God knows all things
<SplJmnRam> so if you look at the big picture, nothing is unknown
<SplJmnRam> God? you talkin bout noom, or the creator?
<monemt> what's noom?
<SplJmnRam> Noom, he pretends to be god
<monemt> I believe God is the creator of all life
<SplJmnRam> how long you been asleep?
<SplJmnRam> ok, so creator then
<monemt> I just woke up
<SplJmnRam> well
<SplJmnRam> i dunno if he knows everything
<SplJmnRam> but he must know something
<SplJmnRam> cause he sure does keep whats happening happening
<monemt> he does if you make him that way in your mind
<monemt> god is what you make him
<SplJmnRam> so all this perpetuation has got to be for some reason, huh?
<monemt> yes, we live for a purpose
<SplJmnRam> well, dunno bout that one
<SplJmnRam> it seems to me if there was a direct purpose..
<monemt> only if you believe you exist do you really live
<SplJmnRam> creator would tell us
<SplJmnRam> so that we could get right at it instead of playing gamesd
<monemt> Do you always tell your kids exactly why you're making them do things?
<monemt> if you have kids of course
<SplJmnRam> i do
<monemt> we're left ignorant for our own protection.
<SplJmnRam> i tell them little kids, eatchore greens
<SplJmnRam> it'll make you big and strong
<SplJmnRam> so you can be big like me someday
<SplJmnRam> and they eat em right up
<monemt> tell them to trust in the laws of love and happiness
<SplJmnRam> ignorance is the worse blight god ever gave to us
<monemt> found in their creator, God
<SplJmnRam> I tried to tell him
<SplJmnRam> don't keep em ignorant
<SplJmnRam> tell em whats goin on
<SplJmnRam> but no
<SplJmnRam> he insisted
<SplJmnRam> let this whole life thing be a big suprise
<SplJmnRam> so i says, fine, be that way, it's gonna cause a whole lot of unhappiness
<SplJmnRam> and well
<SplJmnRam> it's like bill cosby says, the proof is in the pudding
<SplJmnRam> so maybe creator learned something this time
<SplJmnRam> maybe not
<SplJmnRam> how am i to know
<monemt> what time is it where you're at?
<SplJmnRam> 1:03
<SplJmnRam> why?
<monemt> a.m.?
<SplJmnRam> yes sir
<monemt> it's 3:00 a.m. here.  tyred
<SplJmnRam> yeah you better be going to sleep
<monemt> i'm as tired as we are round.
<SplJmnRam> work for you tomarrow no doubt
<SplJmnRam> don't need a spell jammin ram to keep you up, even if he did come all the way from the 27th dimension
<SplJmnRam> take it easy brother
<monemt> could be work, could be school, could be both, could be some, could be none
<SplJmnRam> remember, people are always there to help you out if you want it
<SplJmnRam> everyone just wants a little happiness
<SplJmnRam> if you give some, you get some
<monemt> right, where the herb fails, human compassion fills in.
<SplJmnRam> don't deny the power of love
<SplJmnRam> it's a lot more potent
<monemt> love=compassion
<SplJmnRam> den one would think
*** butete has left #poetry
<monemt> herbs are not always love
<SplJmnRam> herbs?
<SplJmnRam> you do the dope son?
<monemt> sometimes they is violent spasming coughing fits of resinated delirium
<monemt> no, but sometimes I smoke an herbal stogie
<SplJmnRam> i tell you brother
<SplJmnRam> thats poisen for you
<SplJmnRam> if you want to feel real nice
<monemt> yes, this I know
<SplJmnRam> do it cybernetic shaolin popeye style
<SplJmnRam> you know
<SplJmnRam> go and get yourself into the grocery store
<SplJmnRam> buy yourself a bottle of robotussin
<SplJmnRam> make sure it's the dm kind
<SplJmnRam> and drink it down
<SplJmnRam> and you'll be ready to go
<monemt> doesn't it make you nauseated?
<SplJmnRam> why would you smoke a weed anyways?
<monemt> i'm scared of the damage to my lungs by now.
<SplJmnRam> well, if you like pills get coriciden cold and cough, it's faster
<monemt> cough medicine?  to get high?
<SplJmnRam> make sure it has those magical chemicals: dextromethorphan hydrobromide
<SplJmnRam> yes'sir it's the creators tonic
<monemt> Is there any danger to drinking a bottle of robo?
<SplJmnRam> on a serious note
<SplJmnRam> if you are into drugs
<monemt> hey, are there any adverse affects?
<monemt> you take the pills after you drink the robo?
<SplJmnRam> if you're on depression medication, don't take it, it will kill you
<SplJmnRam> i don't drink robo
<SplJmnRam> coriciden cold and cough, all the way
<SplJmnRam> 8 pills for the first time and on until you get a tolerance
<monemt> you were just telling me about the wonders of robitussen
<SplJmnRam> then bump it up 2
<SplJmnRam> it's all the same chemicals
<SplJmnRam> dextromethorphan hydrobromide
<SplJmnRam> give me a break, i'm a freaking 27th dimensional spell jamming ram..
<monemt> what if I'm not on depression medication but I should be?
<SplJmnRam> well
<SplJmnRam> it's the adunai depression medication
<monemt> well, sounds legal enough for me.
<SplJmnRam> tonic of the gods
<monemt> i thought tonic was a liquid
<SplJmnRam> yeah well
<SplJmnRam> you probably thought a lot of things
<monemt> ok, thanx for the info, gotta run
<SplJmnRam> doesn't make them true
<SplJmnRam> alright
<SplJmnRam> take it easy
<SplJmnRam> peace friend
<monemt> have fun being ruler of your world
*** Anonomoos has joined #poetry
<monemt> exit
<SplJmnRam> http://adunai.iwarp.com
<SplJmnRam> later
*** monemt has quit IRC (Leaving)
* SplJmnRam blitzes
*** erp has quit IRC (Leaving)
<SplJmnRam> can you believe all this?
<SplJmnRam> honestly
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*** Anonomoos is now known as Moose
<SplJmnRam> why you kids just sit there
<SplJmnRam> whats the point?
<Moose> we're waiting for the dancing girls
<SplJmnRam> when do they come?
<SplJmnRam> are they pretty?
<Moose> of course they're beautiful
<SplJmnRam> damnnnn
<SplJmnRam> what time they come around?
<SplJmnRam> they human right?
<SplJmnRam> welp
<SplJmnRam> much as dem dancing girls sound appetetizing
<SplJmnRam> i hear da 27th dimension callin fer me
<SplJmnRam> i may be back again..
<SplJmnRam> some day
<SplJmnRam> ya never know
* SplJmnRam spins around
*** Disconnected
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