Violence in schools The reality behind school violence
by: Eric Drewes

    Why is violence in schools becoming more prominent?  The school system thrusts these kids in an environment they can't handle, can't succeed in, and can't fit in. They are forced to stand by as they are ignored for more popular team mates while they are degraded, and referred to as outcasts.  Even if a teacher would see these people and notice they are depressed, or angry, what are the odds that the kids are going to talk to them about it?  The teachers are just as much causes of these peoples
feelings of rejection as anyone else.

    Do you think these kids want to be outcast from the world? No, they would like to be accepted just as much as other people, but maybe they lack the social skills required to be a normal kid, or maybe they can't fit in because they aren't interested in the same things other kids are interested in. They aren't into school sports, they don't want to do drugs, and they are not interested in school politics and dances, which leaves them out in the cold of school society. These are the kinds of kids that feel oppressed by the laughter of others, even if it isn't at them. They know they don't belong. So where do they turn? Fantasy. If they can't have a good life for real, they will live in other worlds instead. They live these out through video games, books, and movies. These movies and books and games don't cause the violence, they are these people's way of living out their aggression in non-violent ways. It allows them to feel like the belong somewhere. They listen to harsh music because they can relate to it, it doesn't make them anything they weren't before. Banning violence in video games and movies will solve nothing whatsoever, except for frustrated these people, who are already as frustrated as they can stand.

    My old high-school, Dana Hills High School, in Dana Point California, has recently banned trenchcoats. This is stupid for many reasons. First of all, to some people, clothes are the only way they truly express themselves. They want to represent themselves how they want to be. By banning trenchcoats, all it does is take away some freedom from some people. It's like Marilyn Manson T-shirts and the so called gothic movement. So what? Why should these clothes be banned? Why should people that are into surfing be able to express themselves through wearing surfwear, why shouldn't 'gothic' kids be able to express themselves wearing 'gothic' clothes. I feel it is discriminatory to ban one style of clothes, but not others. This makes people who may be outcasts force themselves to change themselves to look more normal. Why should people be forced to be something they aren't? This just makes the problem worse, and makes people feel more alienated.

    Gun bans are stupid. If you ban guns, they'll use knives or bombs. You put in metal detectors, and they'll shoot the guard and walk right through it as they go in for the killing spree. It is just stupid to think that it will solve anything. That's all I really have to say about that situation.  You can't blame parents for these things either. Parents cannot control 16 year olds, and if they wanted to build bombs, they are going to do it whether the parents are searching their rooms or not.  How would parents even know if they were building bombs or making a radio for a school project anyways.  The parents can't stop this.  If these young people are going to do it, they will find a way to do it, regardless of the blocks you set against them.

    In conclusion, You can't blame videogames and television, because they are just living out there aggression through relatively safe ways, not practicing and being brainwashed into killing people. You can't blame music. You can't blame trenchcoats. You can't blame the easy access to guns.  You can't blame parents for not preventing this from happening. Things will get worse before they get better. It is foolish to think changing laws will change people.  If you ban or change all these things, the hatred will still remain.  These people feel as though they are being slowly and tortously killed by the world, and so they will get their revenge if they are that hell bent on getting it.  Only through acceptance and understanding can we prevent these atrocities.  And when these killings happen, don't just mourn for the killed, mourn for the killers too, because I'm sure that if they felt they had a way to happiness instead of senseless slaughter, I'm sure they'd take it.

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