Time to Die
by eric drewes
(based on a quote from "My dead wife" and the universe created by Gene Roddenberry)

 The enterprise slowed to 1/3 impulse, carefully cruising along the horizon trying to remain out of view.  For the last 2 hours they had been playing a game of cat and mouse with a prototype Klingon battle cruiser.  The enterprise was the federations premiere warship at the time, but despite it's advanced array of weaponry, nothing was able to penetrate the klingons experimental shields.   In the first skirmish, Kirk's crew lost all main power, and were forced to flee using only auxiliary support.  The Klingon ship (aptly named Karuc Sig, after a mythological Klingon who killed a klingonian kirAC when he was 3, and wore a hat made of Lingondow tail)  could easily catch and destroy the USS enterprise, but was under strict command to capture it alive.  The ship, that is, the crew was to be terminated.

    The war between the Klingon empire and the federation had been going on for the last 3 years, neither were able to get a foothold, and most battles ended in stalemate.  Federation intelligence has long known about the fearsome new Klingon ship, and had allocated the resources necessary to create the technology needed to neutralize the threat, but unfortunately, they had not finished in time.  With the Karuc Sig completed and ready for battle, Earth's leaders recognized the immediate and long term damage a line of these warships could do to the war, and quickly sent the enterprise in to take it out.  Unfortunately, they completely underestimated the shielding and weaponry systems.

    The enterprise intercepted the Karuc Sig on the outer borders of the Ciao System, and launched a barrage of photon torpedoes that landed futily against the shield.  The klingon's used their repeating phaser system to disable the enterprise and Captain Kirk ordered full retreat.  And that is where they stood now, running from the ship while losing power fast.
    "Captain, we cannot keep going like this, soon our ship will be powerless and we will be unable to defend ourselves.  It is apparent that we cannot outrun them, and if they wanted to destroy us, they would have long ago." said Spock.
    "What do you suggest then, Surrender?" replied Kirk.
    "Unless you can think of a better alternative sir, soon we will not have a choice."
    "Scotty?  what are the chances of getting our weapons systems up?"  Captain Kirk asked the chief engineer.
    "Aye, not very good sir, we hardly are able to run with our shields up, i don't know what to tell you, i'm doing what i can."  Scotty replied.
    "Very well, it seems we don't have much of a choice, Uhra, hail the Klingon Vessel." Kirk told Uhra.
    "Yes sir, they are responding." She replied.
    "On screen"
The visage of a large Klingon appeared on the main view screen.
    "Kirk, are you ready to surrender?  If you are not, we will destroy you."  the Klingon said.
    "Yes, yes, we will be surrendering, what guarantee do i have that my crew will be spared?"
    "You have the word of a Klingon" he replied.
    "Alright then, we will put down our shields so you can board us in a minute."  kirk finished, the screen blinked out.
"Crew, we are about to be boarded.  I have no illusion of surviving this, so i propose as our only hope, that we arm ourselves fight off the attackers, and stall long enough for Scotty to get the warp drive up.  Does everyone have phasers?"
The bridge crew all nodded.
    "Mr Sulu, shields down.  Uhra, tell the klingons we're ready to 'surrender'."  Kirk said.
As soon as Uhra messaged them, the Battle cruiser turned about, weapons forward and fired upon the Enterprise.  With no shields, the engines were destroyed and the ship was on fire, all systems were shutting down.  Chekov was dead when his panel exploded, Spock was knocked down amidst the flaming rubble.  After the initial assault, a Klingon boarding crew beamed in.
    "You bastards!" Kirk said firing his phasor killing a Klingon.
Sulu dove behind a broken comm station and began firing haphazardly at the attackers, a stray beam vaporized Uhra.  A Klingon seeing the Ensign (?)  firing quickly used his more efficient battle skills to sneak up on him and kill him with a clean shot.  Only Kirk stood alive against the other four living Klingons.  The enterprise shook from the damage it had taken, and everyone took cover on the floor.  Kirk took this opportunity to leap towards one of the warriors and break his neck with a quick twist.  Recovering the fallen klingon's blaster, he ran and rolled out of the way of multiple lazer blasts before disintegrating another Klingon.  Now it was one on one.  Kirk ducked down behind a fallen support beam, and peaked up to assess the situation.
Unfortunately, the remaining Klingon was an expert marksman, and was able to pierce the Captain's head with his weapon blast. Captain Kirk had always got his woman, this time though, he got Lady Death.

The remaining Klingon went to the only surviving comm station and told the Battle cruiser of his victory to stouted cheers and Klingon war song.  The hated captain kirk had fallen victim to the superior might of the Klingon empire.  He was beamed back aboard, and the Warship towed the enterprise back towards (insert whatever the klingon's home world is called here).

Surely the federation was doomed, with their flagship destroyed and captured, their secrets and all their information was now in Klingon hands.  They had sent out the enterprise to destroy the prototype Klingon vessel before it had a chance to be mass produced, but now they were in worse then they were before.  With nothing to stop the new line of warships, the Federation would surely be overrun in no time by the technologically superior klingon empire.  Fortunately, all was not lost.  One man survived the attack on the enterprise, had lived through the invasion and was thought dead and ignored.  He wasn;t dead, he was just sleeping.

Spock woke up and shook the cobwebs of his concussion off.  Looking around at the destroyed bridge of the enterprise, he quickly extrapolated the situation, and was on his feet.  He ignored  his human emotions for sympathy and sadness at his fallen comrades, and logically and deciively plotted his revenge.
    "Feelin' like it's time to act...Time to move...." He said to himself, wiping depris off his clothes.  He climbed up into the ventilation shaft to main engineering.  Scotty was no where to be found (presumably killed when the engines were destroyed) and Spock quickly went to work on fixing the transporters.  He had noticed before the attack that the powerful shielding of the Karuc was based on creating magnetic fields that worked on wave lengths similar to the transporters code.  He quickly deduced that he could align the shields energy with the transporters, and he could easily transfer himself on to the klingon vessel.  After some brief modifications, he beamed himself unto the klingon ship.

Once on the Warship, he snuck his way through the bowels of the vessel and into the coolant shaft that ran above the bridge of the warbird.  Peering down through a hole, he looked at the crew.  They all were smug with their victory and drinking their klingon ale.  For a brief moment he envy'ed them, singing their victory songs, and drinking, but he quickly got over it.  He was about to crawl back down into the hatchway when the Klingon High commander came on the view screen.
    "Congradulations on your fine victory, my sources say you have the enterprise captured and Captain Kirk is dead, truly a meritable deed!  Many will sing songs of this day Commander."
    "Thank you sir, i've done my best" the Warbird's commander replied.
    "We want you to return to the capital at once to recieve our highest metals of honor for you and your crew,  this bids the tidings of a new era, where Klingons will rule the known universe!"
    "Indeed, sir, we shall arrive shortly."  the commander replied, and clicked out.

Deep inside the borders of Klingon space resided orbiting a medium sized star the home of the Klingon People.  The palace of the emperor was a large and dominating Arena that had been the home of many leaders since it's contruction was finished.  The Emperor himself sat on a large thrown sourounded by his honor guards, warriors who had served many years in his service and whose honor and valor had won them the prestige to guard his majesty.  They all were waiting for the arrival of their technological masterpiece, the Karuc Sar, who had just won victory over the federation's premiere battleship, the USS Enterprise, including the most respected and hated captain, Captain James T Kirk.  With their victory, they knew that the war was in their grasp.  The Karuc Sar's Commanding officer was to recieve the most honored and respected award a klingon would recieve, and all were waiting eagerly for his arrival to congradulate his victory.  After many hours, The ship arrived over the horizon, towing the DOA Enterprise behind it.  The Emperor saw it through his window and smiled.  This was the dawn of a new era, and it was he who had brought it.  He ordered his communications officer to hail the Great warship and welcome it's arrival.
    "There is no response, the signal is getting through, but they are not answering." the officer said.
    "what how could this be?"  the emperor replied.  "ask them if they are ok"
    "they said the want to talk to you."
Spock appeared on screen.
    "Emperor, its time for you to get whats coming to you"  Spock said, and blinked off.
    "Emperor, they are charging up their weapons, and their shields are on maximum, Sir."
    "WHAT?!"  the emperor yelled. "Fire defense battery's destroy it."
A large group of driver blasters raised from their platforms on the outside of the Palace, but the weaponry bounced off the Karuc Sar, it's shielding was too powerful.
    "He is speeding up, he is going to ram into us!"  the Klingon officer yelled.
Suddenly, the moniter lit up, and Spock appeared from the Karuc again. "Coming in for a landing, good night:"

The great warbird plowed into the palace, firing off a barrage of torpedoes and decimating the entire capital, the ship was ripped asunder and the palace was blown to the null realm. Spock smiled as the flames torched his body.

Aboard the enterprise, Scotty had just finished doing his final repairs on the remaining engine, and was soon going warp speed to earth.  Sure there had been loses, but he supped on a pillaged Klingon ale, and got so drunk he couldn't even remember his name.

The End