wtf is adunai?
<_PhantoM_> a race? religion
<Jaevin> muhaha
<Jaevin> it is everything
<Jaevin> When i fill out race, i say adunai
<_PhantoM_> lol
<Jaevin> when i fill out eye color, i say adunai
<_PhantoM_> ur a crazy mother fucker arent u
<Jaevin> when i fill out hair, i say dark brown
<Jaevin> thats fuckign right
<_PhantoM_> when i feel hair i say dark black with lil touch of blue like coal
<Jaevin> my skin is not white, it's more of a light peach color
<Jaevin> i saw a man blow his own brains out and laughed
<Jaevin> he was my father
<Jaevin> but don't you see the race does not sepperate out the people, do we forget what race is?
<_PhantoM_> very mixed
<_PhantoM_> im all croatian
<Jaevin> our blood is fucking mixed with everything
<_PhantoM_> but i like your roots
<Jaevin> we must start anew
<_PhantoM_> my blood is pure buddy
<Jaevin> racism is merely weeding a weed filled garden
<Jaevin> for purity
<Jaevin> we must do somethign else
<_PhantoM_> r u in ontario?
<_PhantoM_> thats what u say, mixed as hell mule
<Jaevin> listen brother
<Jaevin> you say you are not mixed, but our cultures are all mixed, it's too late to resist the tide
<Jaevin> we must leave this place
<Jaevin> and be reborn anew to retain our purity
<_PhantoM_> we do?
<Jaevin> what do you get when you mix every color
<Jaevin> you get brown
<Jaevin> and thats what earth is turning into
<_PhantoM_> no u dont. lol
<Jaevin> our fucking species is turning brown
<Jaevin> and you think you can stop it!
<_PhantoM_> yes
<Jaevin> it's a fucking tidal wave
<Jaevin> all we can do is escape
<_PhantoM_> race separation
<Jaevin> it's just a dream

Session Start: Sat Sep 04 14:44:16 1999
* Logging _PhantoM_ to '_phantom_.log'
<_PhantoM_> ur a socialist?
<Jaevin> i'm adunai
<_PhantoM_> but u love commies i see
<_PhantoM_> is that some organisation or what
<Jaevin> no
<Jaevin> i don't love commies
<Jaevin> but i see how things are wrong
<_PhantoM_> who do u love?
<Jaevin> and i want to make them right
<Jaevin> i love myself and the adunai
<_PhantoM_> so why dont u say what adunai is
<Jaevin> to call adunai adunai is not adunai
<_PhantoM_> ha ha
<Jaevin> the corruption thrives brother
<_PhantoM_> i think ur pulling my dick with that adunai stuff. let me put it in altavista, & see what pops up
<Jaevin> even in your own race you can see niggers
<Jaevin> even the pure bloods are tainted
<_PhantoM_> if i'm 99% pure u can say i'm pretty pure
<Jaevin> yes my friend, but what does that mean to you?
<_PhantoM_> and thats nationaly, i'm sure i'm totaly pure racialy
<Jaevin> what is purity mean to you?
<Jaevin> er
<Jaevin> what does purity mean to you
<_PhantoM_> it gives u feelings u belong to some group. & a urge to fuck up everybody on your nation welth.
<Jaevin> it's to late to stop the monsoon
<Jaevin> we're already fucked
<_PhantoM_> & monsoon is?
<Jaevin> you show resistance, and that is honorable
<Jaevin> but it is not the way
<Jaevin> a monsoon is a tital wave
<Jaevin> someday your country will be washed with everyone of every blood
<_PhantoM_> i'm not sure i know what ur talking about
<Jaevin> how old are you really?
<_PhantoM_> like end of the world?
<Jaevin> how old are you really?
<_PhantoM_> i told u already
<Jaevin> 13 years old?
<_PhantoM_> soon to be 14
<Jaevin> who fucking taught you this stuff, did you come up with it on your own?
<_PhantoM_> nobody taught me anything
<Jaevin> the way society is, we will all melt into a big pot and become mixed.  You show resistance, but soon you'll be dead, and then the pot will be filled, and then races will be reborn in different places
<Jaevin> only the adunai remain
<_PhantoM_> hehe
<_PhantoM_> i dont belive u really belive in that crap
<_PhantoM_> who taught you that stuff
<Jaevin> the adunai
<Jaevin> you know it too
<Jaevin> you see how it is
<Jaevin> soon all races will mix together
<Jaevin> and then we will sepperate
<_PhantoM_> no i dont see will all melt into big pot
<Jaevin> clans will go off
<Jaevin> and make new races
<Jaevin> the adunai clan remains always
<Jaevin> it does not go through your paterns
<Jaevin> you are brave for standing up for your race
<Jaevin> but you stand alone against a tide that is much stronger then you
<_PhantoM_> and what do adunai clan do in minwhile?
<_PhantoM_> scratch their nuts
<Jaevin> thus you will not survive.
<Jaevin> the adunai will survive
<Jaevin> as they always have
<_PhantoM_> and what makes u special?
<_PhantoM_> 1. Adunai Tribe Policy
<_PhantoM_> Adunai Tribe Policy and Structure. About us........... We are just a
<_PhantoM_> lol. i said u were tribe!
<Jaevin> they see the tides and know the ways of the world.  They know what the world is, and see it as it is, not as it appears to be
<Jaevin> dude
<Jaevin> some fucking dorks took the adunai name and made it into a clan on starcraft
<Jaevin> that is not me
<_PhantoM_> oh
<_PhantoM_> haha
<Jaevin> yeah
<Jaevin> i think it's funny too
<Jaevin> i'm going to send snipers to all their houses to have them killed
<_PhantoM_> sure u will
<Jaevin> you must find the pure of all races and escape the crashing of the wave.
<_PhantoM_> what damn wave?
<Jaevin> that is the only way of survival
<Jaevin> the wave of the world, the wave of society
<Jaevin> can you not see that?
<_PhantoM_> uhm, no
<_PhantoM_> that reminded me
<Jaevin> it builds slowly,w e integrate more and more, and destroy boundaries, and soon total racial integration
<Jaevin> then it all crashes
<_PhantoM_> Whats Big, Long, Black and smelly?
<_PhantoM_> The Welfare Line in Harlem.
<_PhantoM_> hehe
<Jaevin> we are all brown people, and we sepperate into our own groups because races have all fallen
<Jaevin> god has shown us this with the fucking tower of babel
<Jaevin> it's too late
<Jaevin> you war is lost
<_PhantoM_> not really
<Jaevin> yes
<Jaevin> you know it to be true
<_PhantoM_> we are pretty pure country
<Jaevin> but it will not last
<Jaevin> nothing can last
<_PhantoM_> now when we banned 1/3 million serb bastards
<Jaevin> except aduani
<Jaevin> but they will return
<_PhantoM_> ur a bit opsest with that aduani, and no they will not return
<Jaevin> obsessed? adunai?
<_PhantoM_> yes for 1 & 2
<Jaevin> you're the fuckign 13 year old who believes that races should be kept sepperate and believe he can stop integration when it's impossible
<_PhantoM_> atleast i dont belive in some mumbo jumbo crap
<Jaevin> you use that as an excuse to not see the truth
<Jaevin> instead of realizing the purity you lie to yourself and call the adunai mumbo jumbo
<_PhantoM_> what religion are u? oh let me guess... ADUNAI
<Jaevin> thats fucking right
<_PhantoM_> what actions do u do? or u just scratch your balls & wait for the wave
<Jaevin> i learn what i can from where i can and move on
<Jaevin> the ocean wears rocks down to sand
<_PhantoM_> ur wicked ;), tell me more about adunai
<Jaevin> adunai is all that is pure.  it is strength, it is weakness.  It is truth, it is order and chaos, it is balance.  It sees the world as it is instead of how it appears to be
<_PhantoM_> is there any page about it on net
<Jaevin> there's not a page about the philosophy, but there is a page that is basically a fucked up mockery of reality that is called "temple of the adunai"
<Jaevin> if i told everyone what i have told you now, i would be locked up
<_PhantoM_> lol
<_PhantoM_> i'm so honoured
<Jaevin> heh
<Jaevin> anyways, if you want to see the webpage, you'll probably be disapointed if you're looking for anything more then a laugh
<Jaevin> it's a parody of itself
<_PhantoM_> give the url anyways
<Jaevin> http://adunai.iwarp.com
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Session Start: Sat Sep 04 15:16:15 1999
Session Ident: _PhantoM_ (b-n-h@al3-p111-zg.tel.hr)
<_PhantoM_> what music does adunai dude listens
<_PhantoM_> YOo man?
<Jaevin> KMFDM, Rammstein,
<_PhantoM_> what kind of stuff is that?
<Jaevin> techno/industria;
<_PhantoM_> oh
<_PhantoM_> yuck
<_PhantoM_> techno is empty
<_PhantoM_> i'm into rock n roll
<Jaevin> like
<Jaevin> ?
<Jaevin> most techno is empty, KMFDM puts out good stuff
<_PhantoM_> led zepelin, gunsn roses, acdc old metallica stuff, judas priests
<Jaevin> KMFDM is an acronym in german for "no pity for the majority"
<Jaevin> you like glen danzig?
<_PhantoM_> havent heard much his stuff
<_PhantoM_> do u like lenny dee?
<Jaevin> lenny dee?
<_PhantoM_> hc techno
<_PhantoM_> gabba
<Jaevin> never heard of it
<_PhantoM_> i got a friend that listens that
<Jaevin> next time you get a danzig CD look at the cow skull he uses.. it's the freaking profile of elvis
<Jaevin> heh
<Jaevin> danzig is adunai
<_PhantoM_> he is?
<Jaevin> old metallica is good
<Jaevin> yes, he is
<_PhantoM_> whats your favorite metallica song
<Jaevin> unforgiven
<Jaevin> although the "one" video is gnarly
<_PhantoM_> ever heard fade to black?
<Jaevin> the album?
<_PhantoM_> no its the song. on ride the lightning album. their best song ever
<Jaevin> it's pretty kickin
<Jaevin> i like it
<Jaevin> wanna know something fucked up
<_PhantoM_> have u heard fuck macarena?
<Jaevin> fuck macarena? hahaha
<_PhantoM_> hehe
<Jaevin> no
<_PhantoM_> techno remix of macarena
<_PhantoM_> its pretty cool
<Jaevin> anyways, my brother is half mexican
<Jaevin> he's 14
<_PhantoM_> no kidding?
<Jaevin> no kidding
<Jaevin> and i will tell you something right now
<Jaevin> my brother is as pure adunai as I am
<_PhantoM_> how come your mom didnt abort?
<Jaevin> race is arbitrary, we are all human.  It is culture that makes the man.
<Jaevin> it wasn't an option for her
<Jaevin> she's a christian
<Jaevin> she believes it's wrong
<_PhantoM_> i do too
<Jaevin> my brother is no less a man then you are
<Jaevin> and i would be proud to have him at my side in battle
<_PhantoM_> battle with waves?
<Jaevin> much more then i would the inbreeding white niggers that are waiting in the welfare line with the people you hate.
<Jaevin> battle all
<Jaevin> adunai is freedom
<Jaevin> it's not race my friend
<Jaevin> it's purity of soul and mind
<_PhantoM_> its a sect
<Jaevin> it's the essence of strength
<_PhantoM_> not sure if i spelled that right
<Jaevin> you did
<_PhantoM_> am i right?
<Jaevin> in some ways yes
<Jaevin> there are black men that stand just as tall as white men though
<Jaevin> the ones that stand are the chosen ones, it's not race, its not nationality, it's individuals
<Jaevin> the sheep just follow along
<Jaevin> and soon we will be spread out once again
<Jaevin> only the adunai will remain
<_PhantoM_> and why will only adunai remain?
<Jaevin> because the adunai see the truth.  They know they cannot fight the wave, so they simply join the wave.
<Jaevin> sure white power groups may stand strong
<Jaevin> but the power of the societal wave will eventually wear them down
<Jaevin> that which is not flexible cannot remain
<Jaevin> the adunai encompases all, it is nothing.  It is dynamic, it adapts
<Jaevin> thus it remains
<_PhantoM_> oh so u adapt? i thought u just wait for the wave so u can be only ones that will remain
<Jaevin> have you been to the beach
<_PhantoM_> yeah
<_PhantoM_> just camed from sea few days ago
<Jaevin> what happens when you stand in front of a wave
<_PhantoM_> it washes out my hairless balls?
<Jaevin> heh
<Jaevin> no it knocks you the fuck over
<Jaevin> even if you can take one wave
<Jaevin> you can't take 2 or 3 or a million
<Jaevin> you have dive through the wave
<Jaevin> that is the way
<_PhantoM_> yeah i can. if i get a surf board
<Jaevin> thats what you are?
<Jaevin> you are simply along for the ride
<Jaevin> you don't want to make a stand for society
<Jaevin> you build your racial issues around you to make you be able to stand tall
<_PhantoM_> actualy i just want a wav to knocks my genitals a lil. it feels good
<_PhantoM_> wave
<Jaevin> well friend, You can stand tall without it
<_PhantoM_> what kind of wave r u talking about? like end of the world
<Jaevin> my dick is so fucking long i can feel the wave crashing on it and i live 2 miles away from the beach
<Jaevin> whats the key to your channel?
<_PhantoM_> its 88nazi
<Jaevin> wanna hear a joke
<_PhantoM_> why did u camed with clone, its confusing
<_PhantoM_> tell the joke
<Jaevin> ok
<Jaevin> walk up to a black guy
<Jaevin> look at him
<Jaevin> and call him a monkey
<Jaevin> when he gets all pissed off and angry
<Jaevin> start acting like a monkey
<Jaevin> and when he tries to kill you
<Jaevin> tell him "you're a monkey! i'm a monkey too, we're all monkeys
<_PhantoM_> i'll offer him bananna split to calm him down
<Jaevin> hehe
<_PhantoM_> they'r brave when in tribe. cowardlish when they stand alone
<Jaevin> isn't everyone?
<Jaevin> i'm not
<_PhantoM_> i'm not
<Jaevin> i'm adunai.
<_PhantoM_> lol. same line
<Jaevin> will you tell a black man that you are his superior when you are sorounded by blackmen
<_PhantoM_> i'll call him a nigger & spit in his black eye
<Jaevin> why?
<_PhantoM_> to get  him out of my neigboarhood. or country. or world. lets launch them in universe. so alians have to care about them. first monkey in hte moon
<Jaevin> no, listen..
<Jaevin> lets say the black man takes over planet earth
<Jaevin> and you are the last white man left alive
<Jaevin> and you are brought before the king of mankind.
<Jaevin> what do you say?
<_PhantoM_> hmm, then cant take over
<_PhantoM_> coz their lot inferior
<Jaevin> but what if they do
<_PhantoM_> if they where left in africa
<_PhantoM_> and no whites camed there
<Jaevin> by sheer overpopulation alone, they took over planet earth
<_PhantoM_> they would still be in stone age
<Jaevin> and you were the last white man alive
<Jaevin> what would you do?
<_PhantoM_> i donno
<_PhantoM_> i would fuck myself in the ass & born a new generation of white ones.
<Jaevin> why wouldn't you call him a nigger and spit in his black eye
<_PhantoM_> aldo thing that comes from ass look lot more like nigger
<_PhantoM_> i told u why. to create seperate races
<Jaevin> you're a fool if you think that it is possible
<_PhantoM_> why not? hitler almoust did it
<Jaevin> no he didn't
<Jaevin> he did not come close
<Jaevin> and he was destroyed
<Jaevin> utterly
<Jaevin> hitler was a fool
<_PhantoM_> thats what u say fed by jewish media
<Jaevin> no
<Jaevin> I know what happened, i know what hitler wanted
<Jaevin> he went about it the wrong way
<_PhantoM_> what would be the right way?
<_PhantoM_> wait a sec. to reboot mirc. i was baned from somewhere
<Jaevin> ok
<_PhantoM_> kback
<Jaevin> ok
<Jaevin> look around you
<_PhantoM_> look around/
<Jaevin> are all your people in your nation as strong as you?
<_PhantoM_> alot of them are
<Jaevin> but there are weak people
<Jaevin> those are your enemies
<Jaevin> not the fucking jews
<Jaevin> the jews are nothing
<Jaevin> if they are inferior how did they get power?
<_PhantoM_> now they'r not inferior. their smart mother fuckers.
<Jaevin> so why the fuck would you want to kill them?
<Jaevin> you want them on your side
<Jaevin> jesus christ
<Jaevin> can't you see the failings in your own fucking belief system
<_PhantoM_> i told u
<_PhantoM_> they killed christ. eye for an eye
<Jaevin> dude, you got them in the holocaust
<Jaevin> the battle is over
<_PhantoM_> yes
<_PhantoM_> but plenty of them left
<Jaevin> it's even now
<Jaevin> forget the past
<Jaevin> i went out with a jew once, she was stupid as fuck.
<_PhantoM_> lol
<Jaevin> not cause she was a jew, but because she was gothic
<_PhantoM_> do they cut of clits from jew bitches/
<Jaevin> if you're gonna be prejudiced, at least be prejudiced against people who suck
<Jaevin> like you should make fun of everyone
<Jaevin> racism is for chum..............ps
<_PhantoM_> for what kind of system r u
<_PhantoM_> kapitalism? communism.
<Jaevin> i want no part in any government
<Jaevin> i'm an anarchist
<_PhantoM_> r u for borders free world? without countries
<_PhantoM_> coz if u are then ur a commie
<Jaevin> as long as i have freedom they can do whatever they damn well please
<_PhantoM_> who do u mean they?
<Jaevin> the world
<Jaevin> i can't control it, i can't shape it, anything i do is a pebble in a river
<Jaevin> so i must simply retain myself
Session Close: Sat Sep 04 16:13:26 1999

Session Start: Sat Sep 04 16:13:51 1999
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<_PhantoM_> do u got a girlfriend?
<Jaevin> not right now
<_PhantoM_> whats your name btw? i'm dean
<Jaevin> I'm eric
<Jaevin> listen, tell me about this racism stuff
<_PhantoM_> nice to meet u. what do u wanna know?
<Jaevin> why?
<_PhantoM_> why what?
<_PhantoM_> u there eric?
<Jaevin> yeah
<Jaevin> sorry
<Jaevin> I dunno
<Jaevin> I think if you understood things better you would realize not just other races are your enemy, but your own race as well
<_PhantoM_> lol. where were u?
<Jaevin> talking to some chick
<Jaevin> listen i need to go to sleep
<Jaevin> if you want to e-mail me
<Jaevin> you can
<_PhantoM_> okies.. whats the time there?
<Jaevin> at jaevin@adunai.iwarp.com
<_PhantoM_> here's mine too. deso_peso@hotmail.com
<Jaevin> it's 4:35
<Jaevin> ok
<Jaevin> take it easy
<_PhantoM_> 1 pm
<_PhantoM_> take care
<Jaevin> 4:35 am here
<Jaevin> heh
<Jaevin> night
Session Close: Sat Sep 04 16:24:23 1999
Ninjistic: the captain is dead
lady loral: ?
Ninjistic: he's dead
lady loral: who?
Ninjistic: the captain
lady loral: dafuck is that>?
Ninjistic: he's the leader, but he's dead
lady loral: im sorry
me: "hey captain, we're fucked, what do we do now?"
captain: "....................." <-dead men tell no tales
lady loral: ...