print design

<b>Need Direction?</b><br>Design for print project. Fish was illustrated using a wacom tablet, graphics were edited in Adobe Photoshop and finished in Adobe InDesign. <b>De La Belle Cover</b><br>Cover for final project for design for print.  Image created using Adobe Photoshop. <b>De La Belle Poster Spread</b><br>Inside spread for De La Belle makeup advertisement.  Original Photo courtesy of Getty Images and heavily altered using Adobe Photoshop. <b>Blue De La Belle Spread</b><br>Background image created using Photoshop, final design compiled in InDesign. <b>Magenta De La Belle Spread</b><br>Images shot for project or courtesy of Getty Images.  All were heavily manipulated in Photoshop. <b>Fact Sheet</b><br>Designed in Illustrator and InDesign. <b>Gloss and Toss</b><br>Comp for red carpet hairstylist Billy Lowe's product line. <b>Infinity Cola</b><br>Original logo and poster created in Adobe Illustrator. <b>Infinity Cola</b><br>Original logo and poster created in Adobe Illustrator. <b>COTC Stamps</b><br>Created in Photoshop and InDesign for COTC's 35th Anniversary <b>Train Schedule Cover</b><br>Train Schedule created in Adobe Illustrator. <b>Train Schedule</b><br>Train Schedule created in Adobe InDesign.
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