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Don't Give Me That Crap Anymore
Saturday, 15-Apr-2000 20:49:29 writes:

I'm sick and tired of people telling me it's going to be okay. If one more person tells me that one day I'll find someone special I'm going to start busting heads. Don't feed me those cornball lines about how special I am to you, cuz I know that I'm not. All I am is something to make people feel better about themselves. I'm a f---ing court jester, the village idiot. I don't want to hear it anymore, just go away.


"anything deep i tell you you just use against me"
here is an example of that quote:
the reason i use the things you tell me against you is because you' can be pretty hypocritical about things a lot of times, case in point "i'm the one thats humble, remember?" i don't bring them up till you are attacking me w/ shit.  like you are now.

I just actually read your post. brilliant stuff about me and brandon, you're a pretty good guy for writing that .

"normally your ass would be dead right now, but fortunately for you, i am in a moment of enlightenment, so i'm going to help you.  Get out my wallet, it's the one that says bad mother fucker, take the money out of it, go ahead, take it, it's yours."

piece by piece you get the picture..

i guess i'm not entirely over it. it's a pretty hard thing to take from you, like a punch in the gut.  there was a time when i could have taken it standing, but right now, from you, i'm doubled over and ready to give up.

thanks for all the support,

PS: fuck you