Mehakoi: 'lo
Girl : hey
Girl : what's up
Mehakoi: not much
Mehakoi: ye?
Girl : well i am looking up web pages made by the kkk
Mehakoi: feeling like joining?
Girl : no
Girl : i just want to know what they belive
Girl : i sorta think that they have a good point
Mehakoi: how so?
Girl : well i think that white people are becoming the minority when really it should be the blacks and the meicans
Girl : we started the counrty and we should be the ones who run it, not the colored people
Mehakoi: hmmm
Girl : i know i probly sound ignorant, but thats what i believe
Mehakoi: nah you don't sound ignorant
Mehakoi: Unfortantly you sound like an idiot.
Mehakoi: I could give you some kinda speech here
Mehakoi: but it would be kinda pointless
Girl : well lots of people say i do, but i just think that it is wrong to let a good counrty be taken over by black people who
should try to go back to africa and run that shit whole
Girl : i will try not to preech to you
Mehakoi: people are people are people. Thus given equal chance. Nobody is running the country, and the way to stop black
groups who do stupid things is not to make white grouops doing stupid things
Girl : i know you dont want to hear it
Girl : true
Mehakoi: if the country is being taken over by anything
Mehakoi: its idiots
Mehakoi: you can be a white idiot
Mehakoi: as easily as a black idiot
Girl : true
Mehakoi: So how can ye then say blacks should do anything?
Girl : i know there are white trash people and i know there are black people who are trash, but i think the U.S. should no
longer let people in the counrty anymore, because white people are becoming the minority
Girl : what do you mean
Mehakoi: so what?
Mehakoi: people are people.
Mehakoi: US shouldn't let in any more people
Mehakoi: because we are overcroweded
Girl : yeah with blacks and asians
Girl : there are more of them in the world then white peole
Mehakoi: Doesn't really matter who is overcroweding us does it?
Mehakoi: too many people come
Mehakoi: we stop letting people in
Mehakoi: Why does it have to be Asains
Mehakoi: or blacks
Mehakoi: its just people.
Girl : well we should be more carfull, white peole started the counrty, there fore there should only be white peolle in the counrty
Mehakoi: Well first off if you want to sepratre it that way
Mehakoi: black people, as slaves did a shitload to make this country work.
Mehakoi: And what is the differance between a black person and a white person.
Mehakoi: I could potensially be born black, and still be who i am.
Mehakoi: Therefore why should my life be affected by my skin?
Mehakoi: You didn't do anything to start this country
Mehakoi: and neither did I
Girl : well i dont have time to talk right now i have to go or i will be late for class, i am taking a ged class and i need to shower,
im me next time your on.
Mehakoi: :-) alright
Girl : bye
Mehakoi: later
Mehakoi: peace