by eric drewes

"What do you know of love? All you do is hurt and destroy!" she said.

"You think that I hate life because I love war?” he replied, lifting the visor of his helm. “You couldn't be more wrong. I love people, I love mankind. War is the ultimate expression of the human experience, the true symphony of existence."

He paused.

"In war, all bets are off, and the truth of a person's character is revealed. Strength and courage is put to the test, humility is swept aside. In our everyday lives, we hide our victories and personal triumphs behind a facade of humbleness, but in war, they are celebrated as they should be, there is no shame in being good at what you do. The thrill of triumph, the pain and sorrow of loss, the vileness of betrayal are all revealed in their most powerful, most realistic form. In war, everything that is done is done with meaning, because there are no second chances, and there is holding back. Battle is the ultimate and absolute test of life and death! Do you deny the passion and rage of warfare, the regret of losses on your side, and the weakness in compassion that causes soldiers to cry at night for the people they have killed? War is not about hate, not with me, it is instead the ultimate expression of love," the great soldier lowered his visor and left the prisoner alone in her room with her thoughts.