GaijinSenshi: what is sodeska, how do you spell it?
sgi1002: soudesuka many use japanese
GaijinSenshi: what does it mean?
sgi1002: i cant explane
GaijinSenshi: hmm
GaijinSenshi: could you try a little bit?
sgi1002: do you know another word?

when i quit, i'm not going to call, i'm going to wait for them to call me, and i'm gonna tell them i haven't been in work because i'm building a perpetual motion machine.
i thought i had it in my head on the way back from san jose.  i was mistaken, hehe..

GaijinSenshi: what religion are you
sgi1002: my relijion make it
sgi1002: soka gakkai
GaijinSenshi: what does that mean
sgi1002: Value is created.
GaijinSenshi: what is value created by?
sgi1002: Philosophy

<[Jae]vin> where is the red pride in america today, we've seen russia and chine but have given up on the working man's government here in the states

Atrix W0lf: is it wrong for me to look up the password of each player file in the mud?
Atrix W0lf: :P
GaijinSenshi: yeah
Atrix W0lf: lol
GaijinSenshi: it would be wrong
GaijinSenshi: mine is ffffff
Atrix W0lf: i know
Atrix W0lf: guess what
GaijinSenshi: what?
Atrix W0lf: when i opened it in binary
GaijinSenshi: yeah?
Atrix W0lf: f=66 in hex
GaijinSenshi: heh
Atrix W0lf: so it was 666666666666
Atrix W0lf: hehehe
GaijinSenshi: muhahaha
(4 sets of 666)


in chat, someone said:
<Magitek-> i wish i had some negro slaves to make me some food since women are "liberated" now
and then someone said:
<Belthasar>i think it's obvious why gore wants a recount, his running mate, lieberman, is a jew and wants to bogart the votes.

when will we wake up and realize we are all of the same ilk, and all want for the same things? these types of comments make me very upset.

i believe myself to be a nietzsche'ien lion, one of the people who set forth the place for the uber man to come
 <[Jae]vin> and i am a nietzsche'ien lion
<mechta> good grief
<[Jae]vin> where is the uberman
<mechta> the uberman was in the will of some shallow bombastic teuton
<[Jae]vin> the uberman will laugh at your ignorance
<[Jae]vin> the overman will grind your bones to make his bread